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The Fool Foreigner of Nerima by Ash the Cyclone Rider

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Hentai Side Story 2

A story about a transfer student named Alex (What a coincidence!) that goes to Nerima, lives with the Tendos and steals Ranma's thunder.



Suicide Blast by Keener

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Ryouga perfects his Shishi Houkodan to a frightening new level.




An Apple for the Teacher, And A Whole Lot More in Return by Ash the Cyclone Rider


A school student (another Alex) gets some after hours tutoring from a dedicated literature instructor.



Dragonball Z: Mother Knows Best by Ash


Quality time spent by mother and son (As you can guess, a warning of incest goes here.)



Teacher’s Pet by Mistress Najya


More teacher/student fun! ^_^



Galaxy Police by Ash


The further adventures of our favorite character, Alex! Follow him as a Galaxy Police agent on the trail of Cabbit smugglers.



Biological Magic by Mistress Najya


More stories about the Mistress Najya Futanari, Enchantress and temporary school teacher. A call to the principal's offices has the frustrated futa visiting an old friend and brings a bit of mischief and a spark of breathing, growing life within a lover's womb. Learn more about Najya's past and her friend's future as they explore one another. This story was orginally written as a gift for the transformation Elf, Rei Tempest. There's some plot in there around the naughtiness so have some patience and I hope you enjoy.

- Mistress Najya



Pokemon Herm World by Lock444


Ash gets an important lesson before he begins his Pokemon journey.



Mountain Trail by Timm Murray

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As the Androids search for Goku, 18 decided to go off on her own for a bit for some fun.



Letting Off Stress by Anonymous


G Gundam: Sai Saici and Allenby go a couple of rounds with each other in a private match.



Meet the Anthros by Happysin69

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The adventures of an anthro bunny and her human ‘friends’



Unexpected Desires by HentaiLover666


A college student runs into a similar problem as the good Mr. Krane. J



Now that’s a friend by Kurt West


Another student finds his longtime friend has an interesting ‘secret’.



Ranma½: Legacy by Dreamweaver

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After a sudden change, Akane finds out something about her lineage she couldn’t have imagine, and Mousse faces an important decision about his own heritage.



Mystic Remix by Adam Zero

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Can you get a better quest than this? A guy must have sex with many futanarized anime & video game girls to bring his love to life.



Bleach: Paint it All Black

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