Anthro Cast of Characters


Hart (needs last name)- Main Character - Human Male - name means Stag - Graduated in UoWy with an Ag degree and lives in Wyoming. Roughly 6 feet tall.  Muscular build, mostly from his owning and working a farm.  has a nice nest-egg of indeterminate origin.  He also contracts out to local bioresearch firms for work and consultancy.  Allows him to sustinance farm and do other things at his leisure. Tanned from working outside, but paler on the bottom, due to pants.  No piercings, tatoos, or birthmarks of note. Tends to keep hair short.  Crushed on Nalani in college.


Brigit - Main "Female" Character - Anthro Herm Bunny - Name Means Resolute Strength - Brigit comes from the mystery island that all Anthros came from.  No last name.  She is seven feet tall, before the ears.  Eight and a half with.  She is light grey in color, with her front being lighter than her back.  she is voluptuous by normal standards, but it matches her height well.  She also has an 18" penis that is completely concealed except when urinating or excited.  Her ears are pierced with multitudes of rings and studs.  Both of her nipples are pierced as well.  She has a concealed tatoo from a night of drunken curiosity shortly after coming in contact with human culture for the first time.  Horny like a only rabbit can be.  Large feet preclude any kind of shoes (think Bugs Bunny for reference).  Her nipples are highly accurate emotioinal barometers, once you learn to read them.  The crinckle up when she is flattered or happy, stand erect when sexualy excited, and droop a bit when depressed.  Brigit actually has much greater control over her penis than she lets on, and can make it hard or soft regardless of actual arousal.  This makes her nipples a far better gauge of arousal, as she hasn't figured out how to control those.  She also lacks a formal educaiton by human standards.  She does like to read, though, and will pick up ideas and concepts very quickly.


Nalani Cunningham - Biologist and professor at UoWy - Human Female - Name means heavenly - Graduated from UoWy with Hart. Continued to higher degrees after he left.  Liked Hart since college, but they drifted afterward, and live in different parts of the state.  She looks Hawaiian, but is only half-so.  Short, only 5'2". Long black hair. Dislikes 'pig' jokes, especially in relation to her last name.  Open-minded about sex, experimented in college with other women.  Hart is not ware of this. Pierced earlobes that she normally wears studs in, no other major alterations of note.