*This is a standalone piece for fun in the "Meet The Anthros" world.  It doesn't happen any specific time in the chronology of the story, except to say that it is fairly early in their relationship.*


Man, that had been a long week.  One of the agricorps I contract for had asked me to stay on campus with them and help their brain trust retool their focus away from GMO food to smart breeding.  I can't blame them either.  Why deal with the politics of GMOs when you can breed superfood Mendel-style?



I was a little anxious to see how Brigit had handled the farm by herself too.  Normally when I'm gone I pay some friends to take care of the basic work of keeping my farm functioning, but this time Brigit insisted she could handle it.  Brigit.  I was really looking forward to seeing her again too.


As I pulled into the driveway, I was gratified that the house was all in one piece.  That's always a nice thing.  Brigit may be a genius, but she has such an excess of energy, I halfway expect her to put holes in my walls Warner Brothers-style.  Everything looked well kept, but rather quiet.  I thought I would see _something_ in the was of activity.  After all, I phoned ahead to let Brigit know I was on my way home.


I couldn't see any lights on in the house either.  I began to worry that something had happened to Brigit, and prepared to deal with an emergency.  Then I opened the front door.  Something HAD happened to Brigit, but not what I thought.  There she was, standing in the foyer, decked out in purple leather  Her forearms had tightly laced leather cuffs that ran from wrist to elbow.  Her legs were wrapped similarly, but from ankle to thigh, with the lacing in the front.  Her corset was wrapped tightly and accented with lacing up the front.  At the top, her breasts rested heavily on demi-cups, maximizing their cleavage.  Her nipples were at full attention, and she had replaced her nipple rings with little chrome skull barbells.  Then, in the middle of it all, was her enormous penis slowly bobbing up and down in time to her breathing.  She was the most erotic thing I'd ever seen.  Then I noticed the collar and leash dangling from her hands.


"Come in and close the door."  I hesitated a moment, still taken aback.  "Now." she growled menacingly.  I jumped inside and shut the door behind me.  "Tonight you will be mine, body and soul.  You will do what I say, when i say it.  However, you must choose freely to accept me as your Mistress.  Strip down and get on all fours and kiss my feet.  I promise you will not regret it."


Well where on earth did this come from?  Looking back, she had essentially been in charge of our sex life from the moment we met, but she never had played power games before.  Ah what the hell, I never could say no to her.  "Yes, Mistress."  I disrobed and got down and kissed her feet, and then she put the collar around my neck and clasped it in the back.


"Good.  All tame animals should have leashes.  Now come along my domesticated deer.  I am in need of satisfaction." She walked toward the bedroom, forcing me to scramble on all fours to keep from getting choked as she pulled the leash.  As we entered the bedroom, I looked around and say that she had _really_ prepared for this.  There were dildos of various sizes and a harness for them (why would either of us need a strap-on?).  There were also tie-downs that ended in cuffs attached to each post of the bed.  On her dresser, I saw a riding crop, blindfold, ballgag, feather and other things I couldn't recognize from my angle.   I noticed with a little indignation that she must have assumed I would have accepted without question.  Of course, she was also right...


"Come, Pet."  She pulled me over to the edge of the bed and patted the top.  "Sit."  I stood up and at on the edge of the bed.  "No!  Bad Hart.  Sit on the bed like an animal would, on all fours. You are my pet, and will act like it."  I was little miffed, but I had promised and moved to look like a dog sitting.  "Good boy!  You learn fast.  Keep it up and you will get a treat!"


She faced me so her cock was right under my nose.  I was drowning in her musk, and me dick was well on its way to being wide awake.  "Do you like my penis, pet?  Do you want to feel it?  Fondle it?  Lick it?"  "Ye-yes Mistress,  I love your penis, and I want to touch it."  I began to reach for it, but she slapped my hand away!  "No pet, I did not tell you to touch it!  If you keep misbehaving, I'll have to smack your nose with a rolled up newspaper."  I turned red at the admonishment, and noticed she really did have a newspaper on the dresser!  "That's better.  Now I'm not sure if you deserve to touch me.  We'll have to test you.  Now don't do ANYTHING, unless I tell you.  Stay right there."


Brigit started slowly stroking herself with both hands.  The effect was quite impressive, like staring at a missile head on.  Soon she was dripping precum ferociously, and her arousal was almost physically palpable.  Mine was too, as a watched her stroke that massive member not two inches from my face.  "Come pet!  Worship my penis!  tell me how impressive it is!"


"Uh, Mistress, you cock is so large, and it is almost as purple as your leather.  It pulses with a life of its own..."  "No Hart, I want you to worship it, not describe it!  Try harder."   It is amazing how hard it is to say things like this, but once I finally started, the words came out like a flood!  "I love your penis, Mistress!  I love to suck it and lick it.  Its scent is addictive, and I love nothing more than to taste your semen as you fuck my throat and drop a load into my mouth!  My ass tingles at the prospect of its invasion and the way you move it inside me is an experience unmatched.  I love nothing more than to spend an evening playing with your penis!"  I was flabbergasted when I realized it was all true.  The very depths of my libido were being laid bare by this giant lapine stroking off in my face.


"Ooh!  Yes Hart!  Open your mouth, I'm gonna cum!"  Her first shot hit me square in the forehead, and her aim didn't improve from there.  By the time she stopped moaning, my face was plastered white, and I couldn't see a thing.  "Oh wow, now don't you look cute!  Let me get some of that."  She ran her finger across my eyes and popped the blob of cum in her mouth.  "Ah, a vintage season!  I was smart to hold back all this week."   My god!  a week?!?  She's going to literally keep me up all night!  "Now for your reward.  You eat the rest.  No, stay still, I will feed it to you."  With that, she scooped more off my face and presented her finger. "Lick."  She continued this until my face was clean and by belly full.


"You were such a good boy!  You may not need as much training as I thought!"  Training!?!  "Now go get the large dildo and harness and bring them back here."  I crawled over to the table where she had the dildos, and picked up the large ten-incher and harness, also both purple.  "Good, now put them on.  It should fit nicely under your penis."  Finally getting the picture, I put on the harness and secured it snugly.  While I was doing this, Brigit got up on all fours on the bed.  "Ok pet,  Come here and fuck me!  I want to feel those cocks in my ass and pussy!  You better not cum, either, or I will have to punish you."  She growled a bit as she said that, and I knew I was going to try my damnedest not to cum.


As I got into position, I noticed that on the back of her corset, there were two small hand holds, perfectly placed for me to grip.  Whoever made this corset thought of everything!  I grabbed on, and carefully slid into Brigit.  No small feat when aiming two penises.  "Hmm, yes right there.  now give it to me hard!  I expect nothing less than a world-class orgasm or two!"  I rammed the rest of the way in, and got a gratifying squeal for the effort.  However, Brigit squeezed her ass around my cock so hard I thought I would pop right there!  This was going to be harder than I thought.  "Come on pet.  What are you waiting for?"  I gulped and went for the gusto!  Brigit came quickly, due to still being sensitive from masturbating, but she wanted a Big One.  "Come on Hart!  Fuck meeee!  I can feel it building!  You better not fucking cum yet, you bastard!  Oaaaah, yes here it comes!   AAAAAOOOOOWWWWWW!!!!"  Oh god, it feels so tight!  I'm can't hold it!  "ooh, ahah!"


We collapsed on the bed, dazed.  I silently contemplated that Brigit has to be part wolf, what with the growling and the occasional howl.  "Ohhhh Peeeet..."  That singsong voice pulled me out of my reverie and shot ice through my veins.  "Looks like someone came without permission.  Naughty, naughty!  Now I must punish you!"  Oh crap.


"Get out of that harness and lay face down on the bed.  No, don't look at me like that, do what I say."  I slipped out of the harness and lay down, shaking in anticipation/fear of the unknown.  Brigit came back over  and set some things on the bed that I couldn't see.  "Spread eagle so I can cuff you."  I saw these things when I came into the bedroom and figured they would get used, but when it comes time, they are no less frightening.  Nevertheless, I spread out, and Brigit promptly locked me down tight.  I couldn't move my arms and legs more than an inch in any direction.


"Ok then, time for the rest."  "W-what's the rest?"  "You'll see.  Or rather, you won't."  She sat heavily on my back and grabbed my head.  "First, the gag.  I can't have my pet whining."  "Wait, I'm not-mmmph!"  "Nice and tight, I don't want you to slip it out."  The next thing I saw was the back side of a blindfold, and then everything was dark.  "Perfect!  Now I can teach you to follow my instructions."


*Whak*  Ow, holy shit that stung!  Unfortunately, it came out as "mmph."  *Whak*  ahh, Jesus!  That must be a riding crop she's using. My ass is going to be a cacophony of welts when she's done.  No wait, it won't.  Forgot that I heal fast now.  "Stings a bit, huh? Don't worry, it's not all pain."  I felt something light and tickly on the spot she just smacked.  "See?  I can be tender too.  now don't you want to be a good boy?"  I emphatically nodded my head.  "What's that?  just say yes."  *Whak*  Ooow!  Say yes?  Dammit, you just gagged me!  *Whak*  That one felt different, endorphins are beginning to flow.  *Whak*  Er, it still stings, but I could get used to this. 


"Wow pet, you're already wiggling your ass for my whip.  You really are a slut, aren't you?"  *Whak Whak!*  "Come on slut, I can see your balls tightening.  I bet you're getting hard from this."  I feel her hand reach under me and fondle my cock.  "Like a rock!  I never expected my little Hart to be a pain slut, but this could be fun too!"  *Whak Whak fondle*  Oh god, I'm so aroused and embarrassed.  I never imagined I could feel so vulnerable.  Suddenly, there is a warmth at my asshole.  "Let's see how you like this..."  next thing I know, her powerful lounge is pushing its way into me!  Oh god, she's never done this before!  *lick fondle*  oh man, I think I'm about to cum again!  "Not yet, my pet.  I'm not done with you." 


I don't know where she is now, I can't hear anything cluing me into what she could be getting.  "Ok pet, time for you to get up."  She frees me from my bonds, and pulls me into sitting position by my collar.  "I'm going to lay back on the bed, and you're going to ride my cock.  Now this may be hard with the blindfold, but you'll figure it out."  I can hear her getting into position on the bed beside me.  "Ok Hart, now get on, facing away from me."  I grope around until I find her, then grab her cock.  This thing is so large, I gotta stand up just to get a good angle on it.  Not the easiest thing to do blindfolded.  Fortunately, Brigit reaches out and guides my hips.  "Careful pet, I don't want any injuries."  Oh god, its so big!  Her pulsing penis becomes the whole of my world as I slide down onto it.  It has never felt this big before, but I've never been blindfolded either.  By the time she's hilted in me, I'm practically out of my mind!


"Ahh, yes.  Just like that.  Now lean back into me."  I lean backwards, and her corseted bosom provides a perfect pillow.  The softness of her fur and the hardness of the leather all stand out so much!  "Ok Hart, you've been so good, I have a special surprise for you. I think you'll like it."  Special?  This whole evening has been unique and she plans on upping the ante?


That's when I felt it.  That beast inside me was moving!  Much more than she's ever showed me before.  She was moving it in and out without either of us moving!  I could hear her heavy breathing, this was taking a lot of effort, but she certainly was enjoying it too.  "How's that, Hart?  *haah haah*  It isn't easy, but damn if it isn't worth it.  Lets kick it up."  With that, she grabbed my hands and pulled the above my head.  With her other hand, she started pinching my nipples, and touching me all over!  I don't think I can take this very long!  *haah haah*  "Oh god Hart, this is more than I expected!  You keep wiggling like that on my cock and neither one of is will last!"  I start pushing down on it as hard as I can,  I don't want this to stop!  "Ohh yes!  Cum with me, my pet!  Cum all over us!  I can't hold it any more!"  As soon as she starts stroking my penis, I can't hold it!  I start cumming all over my chest!  That's when I feel it.  "AAaaooooowww!"  Its like sitting on a volcano!  As the the flood begins,  I have a second orgasm,  sending me over the edge of coherence.  "mmmmph!"


"Wow.  That was amazing, Pet."  Lets get this gag off you.  She lets go of my hands and removed the gag and blindfold.  I'm still laying on top of her, exhausted.  "Wuh, wow.  I've never done anything like that, Brigit.  Where on earth did you come up the the dominatrix idea?"  "You left me for a week.  I had the Internet and porn stores to entertain me.  When I first found the Dominatrix stuff, I knew I had to try it out.  I'm glad you like it."  "Yes, I do.  It never occurred to my to try it though, Brigit."  "Well now you have.  And that's 'Mistress' to you.  You're still mine all night." 







FOOTNOTE: For those of you not familiar, Gregor Mendel was a monk who worked on genetic inheritance (not that it was called that back then) in the 1800s.  He bred various types of pea plants to determine the rules for inheritance.  His work is one of the seminal breakthroughs to create the modern science of genetics.