Title: letting off stress before the fight
Anime: G Gundam 
Pairing: Allenby (dickgirl) X Sai Saici
I don't own G Gundam in anyway but I did write this story. Enjoy!
      Sai Saici walked through the streets of Neo Hong Kong as he 
thought of his match with Domon tomorrow. "I have to win. If I can beat bro, 
I can probably win the entire Gundam Fight." he said to himself. 
      He was extremely nervous though. He knew how good Domon was, but 
there was someone else on his mind too. Allenby Beardsly from Neo 
Sweden. He couldn't get her off his mind. She was beautiful and an excellent 
fighter, but there was something about her Sai Saici couldn't put his 
finger on.
      "Hey." he heard a girl say and looked to his right to see that 
Allenby had caught up to him and was walking right next to him. Sai Saici 
met her smile with a tough guy grin. "Lookin' for a rematch?" Sai Saici 
asked her in an arrogant tone of voice. She ran her gloved hand through 
her lovely teal hair as she giggled.
      "Actually, I came to help you for your match tomorrow." She said, 
still smiling. "What do you mean? I can handle it myself." Sai Saici 
told her, raising his eyebrow.
      "Oh don't worry, I just think your tense. Just wanna help you let 
off some stress. Come on, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeze?" Allenby begged him 
innocently. Sai Saici just sighed and nodded his head.
      "Okay....." He said and Allenby grabbed his hand. "Great! Let's 
go!" She yelled and she pulled him along with her until they reached a 
small abandoned looking shack on the beach. As they walked inside Sai 
Saici was confused. "What are we doing here?" He asked and then Allenby 
hugged him from behind.
      "I just wanted to be alone with you so I could show you THIS." 
She said as Sai Saici began feeling something pressing against his lower 
back. He gulped and then his pants were torn from him, exposing his 
cute tanned rear end.
      "A-Allenby c'mon...my g-girlfriend Cecile wouldn't like it if she 
knew that-!" Sai Saici was stopped from speaking when Allenby knelt 
down and started to grope his butt. The started to lick his tiny anus. 
"Ooh! Oooohh! Allenby!" Sai Saici moaned as her tongue caressed his sweet 
pink asshole. Allenby then turned him around so they could 69 with each 
     That was when Sai Saici first saw her cock, and it was a monster 
of 10 inches, circumsized, and complete with a nice big pink head. As he 
sucked Allenby's dick he squirmed at the feeling of Allenby continuing 
to lick at his asshole. "That's right Sai Saici, suck my cock! Your a 
natural at this!" She said encouraging him. 
     "Oh man what would Cecile think if she saw this!? God her tongue 
feels amazing I don't want her to stop! I wish my dick could be that 
big! This thing is awesome!" Sai Saici's thoughts just ran through his 
mind as he deepthroated her enormous cock. He had never tasted anything so 
delicious. He didn't want it to ever end.
     The same went for Allenby, who loved licking Sai Saici's little 
butt hole. She had tasted some good ones, but his blew them all out of 
the water. And the feeling of having him sucking her huge penis and balls 
was indescribable. Soon, neither of them could stand it anymore and 
they both cummed, Sai Saici's splattering all over Allenby's breasts and 
Allenby's filling Sai Saici's mouth, which he swallowed.
     "Wow...that was great...." Sai Saici said as he lay heaving on the 
floor, clutching his still hard dick as Allenby crawled over and 
whispered in his ear. "We're not done yet..." Her face had a huge grin on it 
as she then spread his ass apart again. This time though she didn't 
paln on using her tongue. She held her big saliva covered cock in her 
hands and rubbed it a bit as her eyes were transfixed on the smaller boy's 
    Allenby positioned herself right behind Sai Saici with her penis 
aimed at his orifice and then slowly began to push the tip of it into his 
ass. Sai Saici gritted his teeth and shut his eyes tightly in response. 
He started grunting as Allenby kept sliding her dick further into his 
virgin anus until she had her full length inside him
    "Oh ALLENBY!...This feels so good!" Sai Saici moaned in pleasure. 
Allenby leaned in close and began squeezing one of his nipples with her 
hand and groping his balls with the other hand. "You'll love this even 
more..." She said and started roughly thrusting her cock back and forth 
in his butt, fucking him hard.
    Sai Saici yelped in pain at first, but after a couple moments his 
now stretched anus began accepting her cock with more ease and his 
yelping changed to light grunting. "Oh harder! Fuck me harder! I love your 
big cock! I love you Allenby!" Sai Saici yelled, now voluntarily 
bouncing up and down on her enormous dick.
    "Oh Sai Saici you're soooo tight!" Allenby yelled and gave him a 
smack on the ass."I'm gonna cum!" they both yelled at the same time and 
Sai Saici shot his jizz from his dick. But Allenby came so hard that she 
would've shot Sai Saici across the room if she hadn't been holding on 
to him. Sai Saici screamed as he felt her cum spray like a fire hose 
into his ass, then slowly start to drip out of him. 
    The lovers both collapsed on the ground and Allenby held Sai Saici 
close, leaving her cock still inside his ass. "Thanks Allenby....I feel 
great...." Sai Saici said as he drifted into unconsciousness. Allenby 
smiled and said "your welcome".