The truck rolled round the mountain trail. Inside were three mysterious figures. One was a average human man with long, jet black hair. The other was a huge man with an orange Mohawk. The last figure was a gorgeous blond haired woman. The black haired driver was silent and the other two converged less and less as the journey went on.

 ‘Hey 17! When are we gonna get there?’ The woman called from the back.

‘In two days we should reach the sea then a short days flight from there.’

The woman lounged back and sighed. She was dressed in a long sleeve t-shirt with a shirt over it. It showed the mark of her creator Dr. Gero. She wore tight jeans, which flared at the ankle and went into boots.

‘Patience 18, Goku cannot move and even if he could he is no match for us.’ The largest android said.

‘Its not that. I just need to stop and test my powers. That Vegeta warrior wasn’t even a challenge.’

‘I hear you sis’. We’re stopping at the next town.’ The driving android then turned off the mountainside and towards the lights of a nearby city.


            ‘HAAAA!’ the android yelled as she hurled energy at a building it exploded in a huge fireball and collapsed onto hundreds of onlookers.

Sets back watching the spectacle were the other two androids.

‘Wow. She did need to cut loose.’

‘Indeed. Maybe we should go on ahead while she catches up with us.’

With that they telepathically signalled their sister. And drove off down towards the coast.

‘Great. With them gone I can maybe do it.’ She floated in the air for a while building up her energy. She then spotted a struggling man in the wreckage. She glided down to him and pulled his leg free. He looked at her fearfully.

‘Please don’t kill me. I have a wife and kids.’

‘Relax. I’m not going to kill you. But seeing as I saved you from the wreckage I need you to do something for me.’

The man brightened up. A second ago he was staring at death now it looked as though this beautiful woman wanted to fuck him.

‘Sure.’ He grinned. She grinned too.

‘I take it you know what I’m going to ask of you then.’

‘I hope so.’ His tear soaked face brightened. ‘Where?’

‘Here.’ She grinned even more.

‘What? But my wife might see me.’ He stammered.

She began to remove her shirt followed by her t-shirt. Now he was staring at her huge breasts. They were pert and the nipples were hardening. ‘Do you care?’

‘No’ He felt hypnotised by her beautiful body.

‘Good.’ She moved towards him and started undoing his flies. She pulled down his trousers and his boxers. His cock hung there. It wasn’t huge but it was big and semi-hard. ‘Nice. I enjoy guys with big dicks.’

The man closed his eyes as she caressed his cock and balls. She then stood up and began to remove his shirt. He ran his fingers down her side till he reached the waistband of her jeans. He put his fingers in and pulled them down.

18 then pushed him backwards. She was immensely strong so he was on his back.  It was then that he could see what she was wearing. Her tits bounced as she walked towards him, her gorgeous face had a mischievous grin. He panties were white and looked great. It was then that he saw the lump in them.

‘What?!’ he shouted. “oh god. She has a dick” he thought.

‘You didn’t think you were gonna fuck me did you?’ she giggled.

He got up and tried to run but incredibly quickly he was on the floor again with her standing triumphantly over him.

‘You can’t get away. You might aswell enjoy this. Because otherwise it’s just gonna hurt. A lot!’ She pulled down her white panties till she slipped them off her legs. He could then see it. It was massive. He thought his was big hers made it look like a shrimp. She held its hardness in her hand. It felt wrong but seeing her like that was even sexier than before. He tried to hide his embarrassment.

‘Don’t. Guys are so typical you act all macho but when you see me like this you suddenly discover you are the real bitches.’ She sounded angry. ‘Now open your mouth.’

He kept his mouth shut in fear. He saw her hand form an energy sphere. He quickly opened it and she thrust her tool in.

‘Now suck! Make me cum!’

He tried his best to do what his wife did to him. He started licking the monster and sucking on it. He looked up to see the pleasure in the woman’s face. She looked down and grinned at him. And he felt the cock sliding down his throat. He wanted to gag but couldn’t the cock prevented him.

‘You know how sexy you look like that bitch? You look hot with my cock down your throat. It’s because you love it and are enjoying yourself.’

She grabbed the back of his head and pushed deeper into his mouth.

He gargled something but was cut off by the meat in his mouth. He could feel it sliding down his throat. He wanted to gag but the big cock stopped him from doing it.

She pulled back and gave him some room to breathe.

‘Enjoying yourself?’ 18 laughed evilly. He tried to shake his head but instead he nodded. ‘Ha. That’s excellent.’

She pushed forward and he was forced to deepthroat her again. She placed her hand on the top of his head and moaned. He was forced to lick the head and play with her balls. He sucked as hard as he could and heard her moan again. He deepthroated her again. He felt her dick pulsates and a liquid came out. He pulled back but she held him in place.

‘Not yet. I control this remember.’

He could feel her hot cum in his belly he wanted to gag again. She then unexpectedly pulled back again. He felt more hot cum in his mouth and he could taste it at last.

She pulled back even further and he felt amazed he’d got all of that cock in his mouth. She continued cumming on his face. She came for another 15 seconds and by that time he was coated in sticky white.

‘You look like a real whore now. You enjoy the taste of cum don’t you and the feel of a big cock down your throat.’ She said quite devilishly.

He tried to spit out the salty substance in his mouth but his traitorous body swallowed it.

‘Now the real fun begins!’

End of Chapter 1