DBZ: Mother Knows Best
      It was a cheery midsummer afternoon on Mount Paoz. Birds twittered and
tweeted pleasantly, while the many animals went about their daily lives.
Rabbits and deer peacefully munched grass, while just a hop, skip, and a jump
away, was a clearing, and the House of Son Gokou & Chi-Chi.
      It was the latest Capsule home for those who wanted to live away from the
city, with all the modern conviences, including triple sound-proof walls and
windows. And believe me, they needed it.
      Through the port hole door, the insides took on a more homey appearance,
with wood furnishing all over, save for the kitchen, which had wonderful white
      Chi-Chi sat at the table, reading one of the many parenting magazines she'd
already read a dozen times over. With a sigh she set it aside and rested her
face against her palms.
      "Son Gokou..." Her voice spoke more of lonelyness and longly than any other
words could.
      Son Goten was out playing and Son Gohan was studying in his room. Seeing
Goten pained her sometimes, he was the exact likeness of Gokou, and shared
every bit of his innonence, naivety, and unfortunatly, his appetite.
      Thinking about Goten made her think about Gokou, which in turn made her
almost insanely horny. She had found other outlets since he had died in the Cell
Games, like her 'get-togethers' with Buruma and 18, or the occasional
discipline session with Gohan, but nothing could match the fiery passion
between her and Gokou.
      On their wedding night he had fully submitted to her in bed, which was the
start of a most deviantly kinky relationship.
      Even after he'd 'settled down', Gokou would sometimes come home late after
training all day or seeing his friends. When this happened she took the liberty
of bending him over her knees and spanking the daylights out of him. Oh sure he
could have stopped her at any time, but he never did. If she'd thought he
hadn't been punished enough, she might have taken out her strap-on and used it
on him for some extra humiliation. Of course, once he'd learned his lesson
she'd suck him off or give him the rare opportunity to have his way with her.
It was a wonderful marriage.
      Gokou almost enjoyed the treatment too much. The big meathead was so
childlike and had grown up without proper discipline it was little wonder he so
wilfully submitted to humiliation at Chi-Chi's hands. Of course that's why she
loved him.
      Gohan was abit different. He'd been so easy to teach as a youth, always
listening to his mother, until all the horrible things started to happen that
warped the precious boy. Now he was growing up, and his hormones, his
relationship with Videl, and teenage rebellion, made him steadily more
disobidient. Of course a good paddling always straightened him out.
      The thought of those rosey butt cheeks was almost enough to make her cream
her panties. So she decided to interrupt Gohan's studies for alittle random
      After getting changed, she snuck across the hallway to Gohan's room.
      Gohan was studying his physics at the moment (What? Did you think it was
going to be anatomy? I'm not that cheap), listening to Beethoven's 9th Symphony.
Physics bored him incredibly, considering that he and his dad's friend seemed to
break every law of it on a regular basis.
      Whenever his mind briefly wandered from it's studies, he started to think
about the same thing all guys think about, girls.
      While though Videl was the closest thing he hand to a girlfriend, he didn't
often fantasize about her, considering how much she reminded him of his mom,
which was an entire train of thought he didn't to even go near.
      No, he often thought about Buruma, considering all that time he and Kururin
had spent with her on their way to Namek. He had been to young at the time, but
in retrospect he realized that he seen her in many compromising situations that
he'd never get away with now a days. She had the sweetest curves and the nicest
ass he'd ever seen, and was definately more developed than Videl.
      As his thoughts wandered, he coudln't help but imagine her naked and
touching herself. Unfortunately(?) that gave him an instant erection that nearly
lifted his desk off the floor.
      Unforunately it was during his favorite part of the Symphony that the door
to his room opened and closed. His fantasy was taking on a life of its own and
his pants felt like a vice.
      As he felt ready to remedy the problem, he noticed the music ass off. Odd,
he thought, maybe the power went out, it did that a lot considering where they
lived. But no, the plesant hum and breeze of his window fan persisted. Suddenly
he got a very foreboding feeling and before he knew it his chair was tipped back
seeing stars and Nimbus clouds infront of his eyes.
      When his vision cleared he saw the stern face of his mother as she stood
over him. He knew that specific look and began to work an escape from what he
knew was coming.
      "H-hi mom. I was just doing my Physics homework...not like I needed a demo
or anything..." he chuckled weakely at his very poor attempt at humour, his
voice full of nervousness.  Chi Chi simply continued to gaze down, her foot
tapping on the floor. Gohan realized he had only seen her face thus far, but was
honestly worried what he'd find if he looked at the rest.
      Hindsight was always 20/20, and  Gohan realized things certainly had changed
with his mom since his dad died (for about the 3rd time). For a while, she had
been completely inconsolable, withdrawn, and isolated. Then they found she was
pregnant with Son Goten. Something about that had brought her out of her
depression. It gave her something to pour her heart into, and boy did she ever.
Goten was even more disciplined than Gohan had been at his age. Yet his mother
was sure not to squash his wild spirit, a trait he definately had gotten from his
      Something else about her became even more different after that. She was now
taller, and stronger than before, a lot stronger, maybe an equal to human
fighters like Tienshenhan and Kuririn. Not to say that Gohan was afraid of her,
not physically, but I mean come on, it was his mom, you can't fight your mom.
      He risked to let his gaze wander. Her outfit consisted of a full black latex
bodysuit, which did nothing to hide her figure, especially her aroused nipples.
The only hole in it besides the ones at the neck and wrists was the one in the
crotch, which revealed what Gohan saw for what might as well have been the
hundreth time, his mom's rather obvious set of male genitalia.
      All part of some damn wish to Shenron. Wanted to be both the man and woman
of the house. Talk about a loose translation of the metaphor. With the gain, she
had lost her female sex, but her breasts had grown much larger, and her sex drive
had been pushed to almost nymphomanic levels. Gohan wasn't walking funny any
more, but he was still having to deal with the 'discipline' his mother doled out.
He was surprised she hadn't broken her paddle considering how much and how hard
she liked to use it.
      Speaking of that super seat smacker, he noticed now that she indeed was now
holding it, craddling it's bound leather buisness end in her opposite hand.
      "Stand up son." She said in her 'do-it-or-you'll-regret-it' voice.
      Gohan was quick to stand in a slow and obedient manner, while trying to
cover up his hard-on with one hand while he scratched the back of his head in a
nervous fashion. However Chi Chi quickly batted it away with the handle, and
looked very upset at what she saw.
      "And just who were you thinking about when you got 'this'?" She inquired as
she prodded it with the handle of her paddle.
      He irked and reflexively readjusted the uncomfortable positioning of his
package, stuttering his response, "Uuh n-no one m-mom. Honest." Of course anyone
who knew Gohan knew he was one of the worst liars in the world, almost as bad as
his father.
      Chi-Chi watched her son's eyes very carefully. He was so easy to betray his
own thoughts, it was one of the reasons she loved him. He couldn't be dishonest,
it really wasn't his nature. She saw his eyes travel slowly to the ceiling, then
to the floor as he spoke, then she saw them fix for a moment somewhere behind
her. She turned around abruptly and figured out what he had been looking at. It
was a picture taken of him, Kururin, and Buruma before they had left for Namek so
long ago.
      "Buruma? Gohan! I'm appalled, how could you be thinking about one of our
families oldest and dearest friends in such a shameful manner! You, my oversexed
son, need a spanking!" With that she exercised her incredible strength and
literally hoisted Gohan up with one arm and slung him over her shoulder like a
sack of rice. She then sat herself down on his bed and bent him over her lap, and
pulled his pants down to his ankles, leaving his pale firm rear bare for her to
      With a loud 'thwack' the leather bound discipline instrument came down on
his ass, resulting in a squeal of pain from Gohan. His mom really knew how to use
that thing. What was worse for him however was the fact that it made his cock
only throb harder as he was actually being turned on by this. What turned him on
even more was that the warmth he felt pressing against his abdomen wasn't his
own, his mom got off on this even more than he did.
      After five swats, the squealing became stiffled groaning, and by ten, it had
gone to full moaning. She had beaten his rear until it had even broken Gohan's
super human endurance, his ass sore beyond belief, and his stiff member
reminding him how much he wanted to get some release. Then he felt his mother's
fingers rubbing something soothing, cool, and moist on his abused rear. This
elicited a soft coo from the teenager, however when he felt two digits slicken
then penetrate his puckering anus, he knew this was far from over.
      ChiChi was an expert with her hands, from culinary to carnal craft those
fingers could work their magic on whatever they wanted, and right now they were
focused on Gohan. ChiChi had gained her experience with herself and others over
the years, many, many others, she knew all the little spots that could drive a
person absolutely mad with pleasure, and had become most proficient in the area
of forbidden anal pleasure.
      She sunk her two fingers inside him to the second knuckle, and spread them,
then closed them, then spread them again. This was the standard process for
loosening up her little boy toy before she took things to the next level. She
then forced them in as deep as she could go and hooked them tenderly, teasing her
sons prostate, which was enough to get any man interested in taking it where the
sun didn't shine. And by the way he was writhing and the noises he was making,
she could tell she almost had him begging to take it. She loved to make them beg,
it was a satisfying affirmation of her dominance.
      "Is there something you wanted to say son?" She asked.
      She heard him mutter, and she knew very well what he said, but she wanted
him to really say it, really mean it, want his mothers attention so much that
he'd do anything to recieve it.
      "I didn't hear you honey, you'll have to speak up." With that she started to
pump her fingers in and out of him at a rapid pace.
      After letting out a surprised noise that ChiChi just adored, those words she
had been waiting for came out between pants and moans of pleasure she had
      "P-please mom...ahh...d-do me..mmm..." Her sons voice was full of longing
and need, and it made her feel so good to know that he meant every bit of what he
      "Very well honey." She said in a smooth voice. After slowly withdrawing her
fingers she gave him a loving pat on the rump and then started rubbing a tight
circle at the small of his back. "Sit up in mommy's lap."
      Gohan quickly sat up facing his mother, his still red cheeks radiating a
slight with residual pain. ChiChi took her hand from the small of his back and
grabbed his rear to bring him closer to her. Gohan realized just how much taller
that she was now. He was currently at eye level with her. Her gaze was a strange
mix of love, longing, and sternness. She wasn't going to accept any of his usual
involuntary resistances, yet when he felt the length of her warm shaft between
his cheeks he couldn't help but recoil a bit. This immediately brought ChiChi's
swift punishment, her palm smacking his rear sharply.
      "Now now lover, you're not going anywhere." Chich held her son closer, every
inch of her cock between the firm globes of his tush. She began to slowly move
her hips, causing the skin on the topside of her erection to rub sensually
against Gohan. Soon enough her swollen cockhead was glistening with precum, while
the skin on her and her son began to show a light sheen of sweat. She then
noticed a little something she had thus far neglected. Gohan's own little warrior
was standing at full attention. Of course she happily obliged the poor lad by
taking her free hand to softly stroke at it. He was hung like an ape, just like
his father, of course she'd made it well understood that he would never get to
take his mother, his masculine virginity was to be saved for the woman he
married. She hoped that it would be Videl. Despite the way that he tended to act
as a result of his feelings for her, she felt that the young lady might one day
join the little circle of women who had actually been able to reign in a
      ChiChi had become so lost in thought that she realized her son was about to
pop under her well-paced manual ministrations. The vein on the underside of his
member was throbbing like an artery on the verge of a coronary. She slowly
unwrapped her fingers from their grip on his incredibly hot hard-on.
      Gohan made a protesting groan, but he was quickly silenced by another swift
slap to his still tingling ass.
      "You'll get your release soon enough, after mommy is done." With that she
took both her hands, and pulled one of his cheeks to the side with one while
gripping her tool with the other. She slowly guided herself to his still spasming
but well lubbed tailhole. First her engorged tip pressed against it, and with a
forceful but slow thrust she penetrated into her darling boy.
      Gohan tried to jump up, but his mothers strong arms instead proceeded to
push him down,impaling his rear on her splendedidly stiff love pole. His moans
were loud and filled with repressed pleasure.
      ChiChi was astonished at how her son had been able to keep himself so tight
considering not only her girth, but the frequency at which she cornholed him on
an almost daily bsis. She attributed it to that strength and resilience he had
not only inherited from his fathered, but also that which he had forged in life.
      In constrast, Gohan was astonished at the heat filling him. He had felt a
lot of things before, throughout his life and adventures. Mostly pain. The
training with Picollo. The fight against Vegeta. Frieza and his goons. Cell. He'd
experienced agony that no one else could comprehend. Yet when he was in his
mothers arms with their bodies linked, despite the spreading and stretching of
his backdoor, he felt happy. The only time he was ever happier was when he was
with Videl, but that was much different from this.
      He continued to moan and make general sounds of pleasure and ecstasy as he
layed his head against the soft creamy flesh of his mothers breasts. She slowly
withdrew her pulsing length from within his contracting rose pucker, and just as
slowly re-entered him with the soft squishing noises of her lubed shaft burying
into his slickened passage.
      ChiChi hummed softly in her sons ear, and posed a simple question, "Fast or
slow, darling?"
      Gohan moaned the answer in a loud voice, "Fast please...mommy."
      The first two words were all she needed to here, though the third one
spurred her forward with even more passion than before. She tensed every muscle
in her physically enhanced body and began pumping in and out of her son a such a
speed that any normal human being wouldn't even have been able to see the motion,
but despite what might not be seen, Gohan couldn certainly feel it. Every other
moment he was trying to figure out if she was inside him or not and he couldn't
for the life of him decide, but he did know that it felt incredible, and the
sight of his mothers body was almost a blur considering how much motion and
vibration her body was putting out. He felt it pass through him and increase the
sensations inside him all the more. Things must have gone on for a good fifteen
minutes before Gohan's Saiyajin endurance couldn't cope any longer.
      His cock swelled and jerked, then began to shoot with such force that it
splattered up along ChiChi's belly and cleavage so that the splash ended up
coating her along the tops of her breasts. His orgasm continued for nearly a full
minute and by the time he was spent his mother had cum in him aswell, then climax
constriction of his entire body more than enough to bring his mother to her peak.
      The two of them remained together, still linked by flesh and taboo passion,
for the good remainder of the day.
      ChiChi's thoughts wandered in naughty directions while she held her son in
her arms. With a devious smile she pondered what Buruma and 18 would be up to
tomorrow. All in good time though, for now, she was zonked, but was gaining her
second wind. Tonight was going to be a long night for Son Gohan.