---Biological Magic---
by Miss Najya Futanari
She stood at the door and knocked.
Her defeatist slouch seemed all wrong for the six
foot, two inch tall seductress. A red skirt and casual
suit slumped over her white blouse while curvacious
legs ran through tan hosiery and into black work
pumps. Her body protested, it had enough trouble
maintaining her voluptuous form and wasn't happy with
the bad posture.
Najya hardly cared, it hadn't been a very good day.
In fact, it hadn't been a very moderate day either.
More to the point, it had been a frightfully awful,
soul-crushing, hell-affirming sort of a day and Najya
was glad to be getting rid of it. Enchantresses with
the arcane keys to the kingdom weren't supposed to
have days like this. Come to think of it, neither were
sultry Mistresses with vast harems full of obedient
This was the sort of thing that happened to normal
people and the newly nearly mortal school teacher
wasn't enjoying this particular slice of the mundane.
First a couple of third year students botched a simple
transformation so horrendously that for once the newly
turned newt wasn't looking like he would ever "get
better". She had to draw on the magical reserves of
her tower on another plane just to switch the young
amphibian back into a young man.
Then came the call to her employer's office.
Damn, had the principal found out she was using
extraplanar magical resources and handing it out like
candy to her students? She HATED this gradual approach
to relighting the magical fires of a mundane paradigm.
If it was up to her, she'd just hand the six sexiest
young men and women she saw a couple of tomes of
Phenominally Dark and Arcane Powers vol IIIX and be
done with it.
Trudging shamefaced to the principals door, she
grumped. This was the sort of thing a firecracker
wielding miscreant was supposed to fear, not Najya the
Naughty! Had her boss been anyone other then Rei
Tempest, she might just have let her feelings be known
through a magically wrought vengeance. As it was, she
just stood there, eyes drifting about the room as the
riot act was read.
Like herself, Rei wasn't really strictly human. Come
to think of it, there wasn't really anything remotely
human about the elf turned school adminstrator. She
came from her own enchanted realm, some island of wish
granting beings. They thrived when magic was plentiful
and when belief faltered, they wasted away like Tinker
Bells with no one to clap for them.
That's why the elf had left her magical island and
traveled here. Rei saw it as a chance to respark the
fires in a world that was, from an enchanted
creature's point of view, basically dying. Also like
her, the principal had quite a stock of magical powers
at her fingertips, they were just locked away except
for emergencies. Tempest's people were "created" to
give wishes to others, not themselves.
She had even had to ask Najya to come along and "wish"
for some of the more human-like facial alterations her
friend had needed to blend in here. Yes, they were
friends, friends from long ago. Perhaps that's why she
wasn't all that concerned with the dressing down she
was recieving. Hell, the enchantress wouldn't even BE
on this mystically devoid rock if not for an old
Still, Najya couldn't really complain, it had been fun
and watching her old friend pretend to be a human was
the pretty amusing.
Rei had changed so much, you could hardly tell her fey
nature unless you knew the signs to look for. Of
course the fact that her body held a massive chest
that defied all gravitational logic and her hair was a
stark blue would give anyone suspicions. She doubted
though that anyone ever gave much more then a thought
to such oddities.
Like herself, the principal had a sway when she walked
that spoke volumes and even parting her lips to excuse
herself after a sneeze seemed full of fantastic
invitation. Najya had allowed her eyes even more of a
drift as Rei continued, sliding up the gracious curves
of long, firm legs.
They were a bit skinnier then her own, though not by
much. Though Najya had crafted her form into the
well-toned, well-rounded body of a true amazon, she
was only a little larger then Rei. The real difference
was one of power and grace. Where the Enchantress had
legs that could pin a centaur until he had fulfilled
his oral duties, the elf had the soft fluid legs of a
dancer. Their caramel coloring and natural
hairlessness made them the satin match of Miss
Futanari's pantyhose covered calves.
"Najya! Are you listening to me?" Rei's voice cracked
like leather against flesh.
The Enchantress snapped out of it and more or less to
attention. Rei had a bit of a temper and though Najya
stood an inch or two taller, the elf could be quite
the terrifying bitch if she wanted to be. "Err, of
course dear. Something about unwarranted use of magic
and disappearing students, right?"
"AND a parent I might add. I swear Najya, if it wasn't
for our long friendship I'd send you packing right now
and shield that blasted tower of yours from ever
returning." Rei landed in her chair with a plop and
slid one delicate leg over the other, arching her
ankle slightly and letting a crimson high-heel dangle.
Najya knew the gesture to be the elf's way of
Of course they had been and always would be friends.
Rei would never do such a thing and was having almost
as much trouble adjusting to the "real world" as Najya
was. They were often one another's anchors in a world
gone sane. "Look dear, I'm sorry but you know I never
take the unwilling... well.. at least, never any who
protest too much. I could return them all in the
morning but I don't think they'd be all that happy to
leave their new lives."
Rei sighed, the fight almost completely out of her.
Flipping both shoes completely off, she leaned back in
her large leather chair, crossed her arms over her
chest and put her feet up on the desk. "I know Najya,
I know, but you have to remember why we came here in
the first place. We're trying to bring a little magic
back into these people's lives, not spirit them away
to populate our own little enchanted realms."
Najya smiled, her friend's tirade was over and they
could just talk now. She slid around her friend's
chair and laid her hands on either side of the elf's
shoulders. Long crimson nails moved up and down the
principal's satiny blouse, creating shivers and warmth
as they went. "You're right Rei, I'm sorry. You know
how my appetites are love."
Rei closed her eyes and smiled as she enjoyed her
companions fingernails. "Yes, I know. But honestly,
you have to treat these humans like the magical
virgins they are. You can't just slam them over your
desk, pull their pants down and thrust magic up into
their prostrates."
The Enchantress leaned in over the chair, brushing
full red lips against Rei's slightly pointed left ear.
Najya's warm breath tickled from within as her mouth
did from without. "MmMmm, but why not love? After all,
that's how you like it."
Rei rode the shudder as it ran through her system. But
she couldn't resist the tease. "That's how you'd LIKE
me to like it. But I'm not one of your silk and
satin-clad pets."
Najya giggled throatily and slid her fingers from
Rei's arms to her covered bosom. Long, powerful
fingers worked their way around the covering limbs and
cupped both breasts with hungry, possessive squeezes.
"Mmmm, of course not love. I'll always prefer you wild
and untamed, free to please and be pleasured. Besides
neither of us ever really wanted to test their magic
against the other."
The fey principal let out a husky gasp and leaned back
a bit. Heavily lidded eyes sought out Najya's own and
a voice thick with desire, on the throaty edge of a
plead asked, "Is it really true? Did you find a way?"
Najya blinked.
There was another level to their friendship, another
reason why, when her friend decided to liven a
particularly dull and magicless plane up a bit, the
elf had contacted the enchantress. It all hinged on a
promise made ages ago to a beautiful dusky skinned
elven woman with a warm sensual body and the red
rimmed eyes of fossilized tears.
The lonely fey had shown up on the enchantress' door
step without triggering a single one of Najya's
expansive wards. It had been such a shock that none of
her pets had wanted to open it at first, causing a
very grumpy and slightly hung-over Mistress to open
her own door in a huff. Rei had stood there, wearing
an archiac robe, perhap observing some sort of
ceremony of her people. It wrapped tightly around her
but had seen much use of late and had a hard time
covering all of the traveler's ample charms.
"Najya," she had said. "I am alone, the last of a
forgotten race, created to server. I was told that you
could help me tand thus I have come, but first, you
wouldn't happen to have a public restroom would you?
It's been one hell of a hike."
Before the hour was up they had done terribly naughty
things to one another in Najya's famed Bath of the
Three. Before the night had ended they were fast and
devoted friends. And before they had finished their
second cup of coffee the next morning, the enchantress
had promised to find some way to bring Rei's people's
back, if in no other form then a child or two for the
loving elf to nurture.
It had sounded easy enough. Najya had sired quite a
few little ones in her time and doubting her potency
was like doubting the dawn. Still, she had one hell of
a time fullfilling her promise. Rei's people were born
of magic and belief and that took more then just a few
grunting nights of unprotected sex. It required a wish
among other things and a raw source of magic capable
of sustaining the child.
Najya could have provided both, but that would have
worked for only a small family. Rei wanted to rebuild
a civilization. Besides, Rei didn't want a child that
would simply fade away the next time some being lost
faith in miracles. They needed something more,
something new... or perhaps something old.
What they needed was a biologically created child with
enough magical juice to sustain itself and carry on
the traditions of it's people.
The whole idea was fascinating for someone of Najya's
interests and she prided herself on never breaking a
promise. The promise turned into an obsession, but
then slowly faded into more of a hobby. Rei had even
devouted herself to causes such as revitalizing magic
dead zone and the enchantress had always figured that
the task had lost the edge of urgency.
At least, that what she had thought. Until this
moment, Najya hadn't a clue just how hotly those
maternal desires were sizzling within her friends
heart. Well, the request wasn't completely out of the
blue. As a matter of fact, an early morning bout of
inspiration HAD come back with some very promising
results. It had also resulted in a little fairy test
subject exploding in a shower of goo. It was the
closest she had come, but she still counted it as a
Wait a moment, how did Rei know about the
semi-success? Najya's eyes narrowed half teasingly,
half serious, "why you sneaky dirty little elf. Have
you been spying on me? Is that the REAL reason you
called me in here? I KNEW it! You'd have never
bothered just for a couple of humans gone on to lives
of naughty servitude."
"Najya... please?" Rei uncharacteristic whimper nearly
broke the enchantress' heart.
"Look love, the testing wasn't entirely a success and
you have to weave the fertility matrix with extreme
care. I've got the raw genetics designed, but they're
so complex you have to endure gallons of the stuff."
Najya bit her bottom lip. "The little test fairy was
fine at first but it couldn't handle the absorption.
Dear, she POPPED!"
Elven ears sagged while elven eyes looked toward the
ground. Najya moved to give her friend a moment alone,
unable to bear seeing the dissapointment her revlation
had brought. Then elven fingers caressed the decidedly
unelven cock hidden by the enchantress' skirt and
hose. "Just tell me, are you.. loaded?"
Najya took half a step back. She had been using her
own magical powers to transform her sperm into the
proper magical, biological mixture and hadn't bothered
to revert to her more natural... blend. "Yes but-"
"But nothing, I'm not some child or half wit flitting
fairy with only my instincts to guide me in crafting a
proper fertility absorption!" Rei's eyes burned with a
scalding fever. "I have been working on this nightmare
for far longer then you, my dear friend and I damn
well know what risks I'm willing to take. The question
is, MiSssss Najya Futanari, do you have the balls to
impregnate your sexy little elf friend!"
The enchantress' mouth could barely form words. She
would have reeled as though struck, were it in her
nature. Instead she moved back to her lover and
growled with a rising hunger. Cupped palms turned to
more naughty fingers as they found hidden nipples to
pinch and twist through the white fabric. "Yes Rei,
let's make a little beautiful someone."
With her chest burning from the play and her mind
suddenly alight with the fires of soon to be sated
desire, Rei opened her mouth in a low moan. As her
lips spread, a barely heard incantation left them.
Suddenly a door's lock latched itself and curtains
drew themselves to a close. They were alone in sacred
Najya could taste Rei's excitement in the air, the
flavor of freshly picked lilacs coming from an
anticipating sex. Already, the principal was slipping
into something more comfortable, if changing one's
body shape from a more human form back to a fully
elven one could be expressed that way. Her ears
reached for the sky and elongated, the way a cat might
stretch out it's claws before a nap.
The enchantress licked along the lengthening inner
flesh and then nibbled red lips down their outer edge.
Rei's flesh darkened every so slightly, being a deeper
caramel then before and her heaving chest began to
push even harder against the confines of her blouse.
Just as her ears had expanded, her double d's were
rapidly working their way up the alphabet. Najya's
hands moved from supporting the expanding breasts and
took hold of the confining fabric, ripping it away
violently, sending buttons flying and bosoms rippling
with newfound freedom.
Like voracious predators, Najya's hands returned once
more to the fully ripened breasts and devoured them
with gropes and twists. Moving down, she placed a
light smearing of her ruby-red lipstick over one
nipple as her mouth joined in on the meal. Lips first,
then tongue and teeth moved in unison, tugging and
pulling erect nipples, coaxing the honey flavored
elven milk from within.
Had anyone else swallowed the flowing nectar from
Rei's sweat covered breast they'd had experienced
quite a shock as ancient transformation magic worked
through their system. Najya simply felt refreshed and
suckled harder, breathing her lover in and squeezing
with her lips, flicking the spurting opening with her
As she drunk hungrily, her other hand slide down,
unfastening Rei's skirt expertly and then spreading
the warm moist vaginal lips of the excited elf. No
panties, no bra Najya noticed. Perhaps her naughty
little friend had planned this all along. What a dirty
little elf she grinned around the breast. Moving her
fingers from the spread sex and her other hand as
well, she lifted the principal easily and laid her
body wetly onto the oaken desk before them.
Rei's rump, naturally tanned and incredibly round
wiggled teasingly from it's position. Moaning as her
breast ground against her desk, spurting little gouts
of elven milk over reports and the odd student's
folder, she lifted her rump even more, excitedly.
Najya knew very well what that position meant and was
more then prepared to do as she had promised.
The enchantress slipped off her half jacket and
unhooked her skirt, stepping out of them and standing
in only a blouse and pantyhose. Her massive shaft
throbbed hungrily in it's satin cage. The cock
pulsated, trying to grow, to enlarge and already
leaking a small stream of precum down Najya's thigh.
Moving sharp, crimson nails down, she set the beast
loose, cutting into her hose and giving her shaft free
reign to spring forward... erect and hungry.
Hands reached up, nails dug slightly into Rei's rump
as she felt herself being spread. A long, wet,
inquisitive tongue went to work spreading her more
intimately still. Before Najya even had her mouth
pressed to the principals, sex her tongue had returned
with sticky dew from the elf's petals. With a ravenous
smile, the enchantress dived forward, her bottom lip
flipping over and over the principal's throbbing clit.
As she teased and taunted, inhaling on Rei's sex. With
a grin that sent another quiver through-out her
partner's body, the enchantress laid her heavy swollen
cock on the elf's exposed, bare foot. For several long
moments, she prepped them both, grinding her lips and
tongue and breathing heated air into the elf's sex,
while teasing her own cock with the elf's soft, tender
Finally, Najya began to slide her own body up onto the
desk, one shoe falling to the ground, the other
dangling half cocked. Between the warm caramel mounds
of Rei's twin cheeks, a full cock began to quiver in
heated anticipation. Leaning back and over, the
enchantress rested her body somewhat onto her elven
lover, flipping her hair to one side and licking a
feminine sex coated tongue along pointed ears. "Are
you ready Rei?"
Rei simply gasped, feeling Najya's weight pressed
against her, Najya's breasts soft but heavy against
her back, her sex quivering from the long sustained
tease. "Yesssss," she hissed, arching back and up,
inviting and pleading. "Now Najya! Now!"
There were no more words to be heard, just sounds.
Moans followed them, grunts and screams as flesh met
flesh. Quivering lips gave way to a thrusting, burning
shaft of heated lust. Slick with sex and precum, the
massive cock disappeared deeper and deeper into a
tight velvet sheath, only to slide back out and return
once more. Again and again their bodies made
exhaustive, wet contact with one another, both gasping
for air and balance on top of a shaking straining
wooden desk.
With a guttural cry of release tumbling from deep
within, Najya reached around Rei's front and lifted
her high up, moving back and impaling the elf one
final time on the now erupting cock. Furious fingers
went to work above on randomly lactating breasts and
just below, pinching and teases an engorged clit to
bring her friend along for the ride.
With a great quivering, screaming shudder, they came.
Rei rising climax moving up alongside Najya's own and
joining in a twin primal erotic howl. Strand after
strand of molten ivory pounded into the elf's body,
filling and overfilling the rapidly expanding womb.
Meanwhile, lips and inner velvet muscles gripped and
gobbled at the enchantress' cock, milking it for
everything it had.
Neither of their bodies were willing to let the other
stop, Najya was everful and Rei seemed bottomless.
By an hours end, they laid side by side, breathing
shallowly on the desk, still very much connected by
their sexes. Rei's torso was massive now, heavy and
bloated, it rested almost like a separate body beside
her while she nuzzled against Najya, using her
friend's large chest as warm pillows.
Slowl, the elf opened her eyes and looked down with a
satisfied smile. Her hands slide up and stroked the
bloated belly and more honeyed incantations left her
lips. Magic crackled throughout her internals, like a
torch thrown on gasoline, the heavy load of life rich
sperm responded to the elf's call.
She wove the life magic of her people, and although
she'd done it countless times on others, this was the
first time she had ever used it on herself. She went
to the task with all the sacred care of a high priest
holding a newly born messiah. She could feel it now,
her waiting egg, absorbing every ounce of sperm,
channeling the energy into youthful strength. Yes, she
knew this time, it was working. Slowly the principal's
tummy shrunk back to it's normal fit and form size.
And then, it happened. A gathering darkness, a chill
wrapped in with the warmth of birth, a feeling of loss
that began to engulf the elven maid. The magical sperm
was rebounding from the egg within, carrying with it
something new, like a black secondary infected ichor.
Her body started to shudder and something screamed
from within.
Rei screamed with it.
Not the scream of pain, though with her womb doubling
in size again and again, there was plenty of it. It
was a scream of failure. From the elf's parted,
cracking lips came a cry and a curse, a long moaning
weep. "Nooooo.. dear sweet goddess.. I.. I can't do
it! Why can't I do it!"
"Because Rei, nobody makes a child alone." Najya's
voice came with an outpouring of awoken strength. The
incredible magics of her partner had awoken her and
her greatest fears brought to life had kept her in
that state. She knew deep down that Rei wasn't going
to let go of this child. Fine then, Najya had no plans
of letting go of her friend.
Najya's fingers wrapped around Rei's, pouring in what
power she had. The enchantress could have never
understood the complex tapistry of the ancient elven
magic, but she had strength to give and even though
both were exhausted from the frantic love making,
she'd be damned if she wouldn't give every ounce of
The pair were bound together with a single purpose.
The chain wasn't to be broken. Either three heart
beats would welcome the next dawn, or none.
Rei gasped as the dream turned nightmare became a
miracle once more and her egg gobbled the swollen
energy again. Together, first through biology and now
through magic, they wove a child within the elf's
womb. Cells split, limbs and consciousness grew,
gathering speed from a week's growth to a month's to
Rei's stomach was swelling one final time, but this
time with a brand new life. She let out a satisfied
cooh as she felt the first kick. "Its simply amazing
Najya laughed and wrapped her arms tightly around her
lover in a firm embrace. "I'm so glad you're all
glowly cause I feel like one of my toys after morning
wood duty." The enchantress let out a slow yawn and
gave her companion a wink. "Once the child is born and
we have a living, breathing template, we should be
able to replicate the process without all that drama.
With a little practice you'll be repopulating the
whole isle. Will you be carrying this one to term or
finding a surrogate?"
The principal sighed softly, stroking her swollen
belly whose growth was finally starting to subside. "I
don't think I have a whole lot of choice. I doubt I
could adequately explain this to the school board.
I'll probably have to find someone in a little while.
But I'll enjoy it as long as I can." Rei looked up, "I
was thinking about going back the island for a bit.
Care to come with me?"
Miss Najya Futanari smiled warmly then slowly shook
her head, biting her bottom lip guiltily. "Actually, I
have a.. ummm.. new toy I really should let out of the
closet. I still have to decide if I'm going to
transform him or leave him as is. You know how I like
cute yet wild young boys."
The principal looked up accusingly. "Najya!"
The enchantress smiled and shrugged, "I am what I am
love and besides, he was most recently turned into a
newt so he's already had a little brush with the
arcane. I promise to be good to him."
Rei could barely maintain the energy to be angry and
simply sighed, shaking her head and stroking her
belly, "silly enchantresses."