Meet the Anthros


I've always been a small-town boy.  Not much to do in a small town except gossip, and that's when I heard that a family of anthros (or furries, as some say) was moving to our town, it caused quite a buzz.  You see, they had only been 'discovered' a few years ago. 


Before then, they had an island all unto themselves, conveniently isolated from the rest of the world. No one could explain how or why they existed, and they sparked a great many theological and legal discussions.  After much debate, the UN voted to give them full rights as humans in all nations, as they were obviously as smart as humans, and in some cases their brightest minds outshone ours.


But I digress.  In any case, a group of them (not just a family, as rumor had it) had decided the American Midwest would be a nice place to live.  More specifically, they chose our town to start their search.


Our town council was in a tizzy trying to make arrangements for a welcoming party/mixer where everyone could get to know everyone else.  We even had occasion to use the banquet room in the town hall, something normally only used for local wedding receptions.


For my part, I was frankly scared to death.  I had never met and Anthro, I had only seen them in the news.  I suspect most of the town felt this way, but everyone put on their best face.  After all, we were practically the ambassadors for the Midwest.


On the day of their arrival, I decided to make sure to meet all of them.  Such an opportunity as this to meet the only other known sentient species (if they can be called one species) happens only once in a lifetime.  When I go to the banquet hall, dressed to the nines, I was a giddy as a schoolgirl on her first date.  People were already chatting with the newcomers when I arrived. 


I was shocked at the sheer variety of animals the Anthros represented!  At one side, I could see one that looked like a red panda, and just about as short.  Most of the kids in the town were taller than him.  I also saw a vixen (in every sense of the word, woof!), various members of the feline family, and a beast I only saw the back of, but he was so large as to appear to be ripping the seams of his suit (I later discovered that he was a musk ox). 


As I continued scanning the room, I saw a rabbit (lagomorph?) sitting at one of the tables, looking shy.  She was wearing a stunning evening gown that offset her light grey fur perfectly.  Then I noticed how-um... endowed she was.  Amazing!  Those were easily F-cups straining against the spaghetti straps of her dress.  I shook myself, 'no, don't think about that, you are here to make a good impression, and feel out (up!) the newcomers.' I decided the direct approach was best, and went up to say hi.


"Hi, I'm Hart.  I take it you're new here?"  I winced after I said it, but hey, even bad jokes can break the ice.


"I'm Brigit. Nice to meet you, Stag."  I gave her a quizzical look. "Your name, it means Stag.  I like it."


I smiled and sat down across from her. "I guess that puts me in a good position to be on the welcome wagon for the newcomers.  Speaking of which, I am curious.  What do you call yourselves?  I've heard on the news Anthro and Fur, but those seem like something the media made up."


She frowned, "It is, the folks over at CNN recommended those names to be more 'human friendly'.  I personally prefer Brigit."


As if timed by God himself, the band changed to an up-tempo swing number just then.  "Well then Brigit, would you care to cut a rug?"  It was her turn to be confused.  "Oh, sorry, slang for dance."


"Oh!  Well, I'm not sure...."


"Come on!  This is supposed to be an icebreaker after all."


She looked nervously around, and then at me, "Are you sure it's ok?  No one else is."


"Of course!  Someone has to be the first out there, and it should be someone as stunning as you."


She blushed and agreed.  As she stood up though, I was in for an eyeful.  I'm not a short man by any means, I break 6 feet without shoes, but she was a good foot taller than me! I must have had a pretty stupid look on my face, because she looked like she was getting upset, and started to sit down again.  I regained my wits, and took her hand before she could sit again. "You're not getting out of dancing that easily."  I said, giving her one of my best smiles.


Well, it worked, and fairly soon we were out dancing away.  I must say, for having giant rabbit feet (no shoes), she was a heck of a dancer.  We also served as a catalyst for the others, and pretty soon, most everyone was out on the floor.  Soon after, the band switched back to low gear, and many of the 'couples' started to disperse and chat again.  Brigit was having none of that, though.  As the first slow song started, she grabbed me and looked earnestly at me, "Please, let's not stop dancing.  I haven't had this much fun in ages."  Taken aback as I was, I took the opportunity immediately.  It's not every day you meet a woman taller than you who wants to slow dance.  I am proud to say that I only managed to squish her feet twice before we got the rhythm down. (I also have no shame in saying that I had quite an eyeful too)


So we danced and chatted for the next hour.  She pretty much grilled me about the land here, and I in turn asked anything I could think of about Anthros.  There wasn't much new for me to learn, though.  Not even they know why they were isolated on that island so well.  She learned about the kind of farming we do around here, and a myriad of other topics.  I always felt one step behind, as I couldn't see what tied all this together, or what she might ask next.


Towards the end of the night, we went outside for some fresh air.  "So where are you staying around here?"


She looked a little uncertain, "The council has put us up in the local motel, but that's just until we can make our own arrangements.  I'm hoping to find a small apartment in the mean time."


"I can do you one better.  I live in a two bedroom house; I can put you up much more comfortably than that little motel."  I tried not to make it obvious that I also wanted to be near her.


"That would be great!" She brightened considerably, "but what about your mate?  Wouldn't I be intruding?"


"Mate? Oh, no I'm not 'mated'.  In fact, I got out of a relationship a few months ago, and just haven't had time to look again."  A wee white lie, it had really been nearly a year, and she dropped me, hard.  "Then it's settled.  You can have free reign of my spare room until you get something worked out."


"Thank you, my Stag. You have been terribly kind to me.  I'm glad you came to the coupling.  No, that's not the word... Mixer? Yes, mixer."  She leaned down and kissed me dead on.  I gave as good as I got, but I must say, it wasn't easy.  Bunny whiskers tickle!


After taking a moment to catch my breath, I asked her, "Do we need to get anything from your room, or would you like to see your new place?  Bedclothes perhaps?"


"Oh no, we only wear clothes when doing otherwise could upset humans, or if we need that extra layer of protection."  My mind raced as I thought of her in nothing but her light grey coat. "Could you help me with my ears?  I thought having them down would be more formal, but now they're starting to bind."


She turned around a knelt a little so I could see what I was doing.  I undid the clasp that did her ears, and gasped as they popped up. They were studded with earrings!  Humans can fit quite a few earrings in an ear, but when you're looking at 14-16 inches of ear, we can't compare.  She had hoops all down the outside of both ears, and green stones as accents.  "I didn't know what humans would have thought of so many rings, so I folded my ears for the get-together."


"I think they're perfectly lovely.  Especially the little emeralds.  They're like little stars.  I am curious, though why so many?"  And I thought to myself, where else are you pierced?


"To be frank, I had the space and like decorating myself.  I even have some tattoos, though you can't see them easily under my fur.  Tattooing was unique to me.  We didn't have anything like that on the island.  No point, really.  You should have seen the artists when I walked in.  I had these shaved spots where I wanted a tattoo, and they were all flabbergasted!  I had no idea they hurt so much to do either.  I'm glad I have them, but if I knew about how bad it hurt beforehand, I likely would never have had it done."


I decided I'd risk a warning shot off the bow. "So, have you decorated yourself anywhere else?"


She cocked an eyebrow and smirked at me. "You'll have to do better than that to get me divulge such personal information.  Maybe I'll just make you find out for yourself."  Yes! The gods look kindly on me today!  "Well in that case, let's get you to your new abode right away.  I only have regular shampoo and toiletries, do you need something special?"


"Well yes, actually"  So after we dropped by the grocery to pick up the industrial size Mane and Tail shampoo (must resist going to pet aisle!), I took her back to my place.  Fortunately, the house I own has two full baths.  I swear, the temptation to peek would have been overwhelming, had I not been cleaning up myself.  After I was thoroughly clean, I slipped in to my pajamas (yes, I even sleep in them when I'm alone...) and went to the living room to wait for Brigit.  It was not long before she came out, and I realized I had nothing for her to wear!  She had managed to pin two towels together for some modicum of modesty, but needless to say, certain assets were fighting to be free.


"Where's my manners, I must have something for you to wear!"  I rushed off to my bedroom and came out with a t-shirt and some shorts that I hoped would fit.  Heck, curvy as she was, I wasn't sure anything I had would fit on her. 


"Thank you, I'll be right back."  She went back to the guest bath to change, and I noticed how close her head was to the doorjamb.  Good thing the ceilings are 10 foot, or she'd have to keep her ears down anyway.  She emerged even more naked than if she had been wearing clothes.  My shirt just barely fit on here, and I could tell quite clearly that her nipples were not only hard, but pierced.  The shorts weren't much better, they clung like spandex on her hips, but the waist was very loose.


Before now, I had never even considered an Anthro sexually, and now I was having a hell of a time hiding the fact that gnomes had pitched a tent in my PJs. "I hope I don't look too silly." she said.


"Nonsense.  You would look fantastic in anything."  And I meant it too.  I tried very hard not to notice her nipples crinkle as she beamed. 


She came and sat next to the sofa beside me and grabbed my head. "Thank you for making today so fun.  I was dreading an encounter with so many new faces at once.  Now I have a familiar face to see here."  With that, she leaned in and kissed me again.  I successfully anticipated the bunny whiskers and went for the gusto.  We kissed for a minute, and I reached out to feel one of her lovely breasts.  She moaned into my mouth as I played with her nipples through her shirt.  She pulled back and took off the shirt, and I beheld a wondrous sight.  Never had I seen such beautiful breasts, and the coat of fur on them just accented each curve.


As I ogled, Brigit gently brought my head to them, and I lovingly sucked each nipple, and played with the ring. Brigit's breathing became hoarse and ragged as I spent my attention caressing her bounty.  I started to trail my hand down her belly, to see how wet she was, when she grabbed my hand and pulled back.  "There really was a reason I was so nervous about the get-together."  I was puzzled, but she guided my hand down.  That's when I felt it.  A bulge.  A firmness that shouldn't be there.


"What?!"  I exclaimed completely taken aback.  "Is that what I think it is? Are you a transvestite or something?" Yah, stupid response, but I was surprised!


There were tears in her eyes. "No!  We -Anthros- have three sexes. I am all female, but I am also male, at least this part.  I can get pregnant and impregnate others.  We never publicized this, as soon as we found out humans were only male and female..." She broke down sobbing, and I felt like a tool.  Here this beautiful creature had bared her soul to me, and risked exposing her brethren, and I was being an immature asshole.


"Can I see it?" I said, hoping to take her mind off of my previous comment.


"What?  Really?"   She sniffled a little, but she was smiling again.


"Yah, let me see."  She got up and turned around to take off her shorts.  As she bent over, taking them off, I felt a renewed interest in our previous encounter.  Her ass was topped by a cute little cotton tail I hadn't noticed before.  I was still thinking about how soft the fur must be back there when she turned around and I saw IT.


Let me reiterate, IT.  I consider myself reasonable, a useful 7 inches.  Enough to get the job done.  Let's just say that there's another place where she's taller than me by nearly a foot.  And as thick as my wrist!  How on earth do you use that thing?  The physics boggle the mind.  She started stroking it, and it pulsed under her ministrations. "It's a little prehensile too." She demonstrated, and it moved like a snake.  'A little prehensile' my ass!  That thing could do the hula! She continued stroking it, and became even firmer.  In a rough whisper, I heard her say, "Please touch it Hart, put your hands on it, my Stag."


I was enthralled with it; I wanted to touch it too. To my surprise, my little gnome campers had returned.  I tentatively reached out and gingerly touched it.  I was surprised at how much heat it gave off, like your own personal space heater.  I grasped it more firmly, and was rewarded with a low moan. "Um, where are your balls?"  I asked, suddenly curious.


"Ooh, they are inside my pouch, ahh, here.  You see where my, ohyah, penis would retract, were it soft?"  I could see, it looked a lot like a how a dog's penis would retract, and explain why I couldn't see anything before.  I continued stroking her mammoth rod, mesmerized by its writhing pulsation.  "Kiss it!  Pleeeease...  I'm so hot, and it's been a long time."  She stared at me, completely intent, but yet still a little out of focus.  I never could deny a lady, so I leaned in and kissed the tip.  It tasted sweet.  I kissed it again, and sucked on the side a bit. 


"Aah! More!  Lick it! Lick my cock!" It pulsed in my face, that hot meat.  I was getting incredibly turned on, and disturbed by that. Though not enough to stop.  I proceeded to lick her shaft, and felt down to where her vagina actually was. Her dripping wetness showed just how long it HAD been for her. I flicked the head of her penis with my tongue, and she shivered all over. 


She then lifted me bodily up off the couch and kissed me deeply.  I could feel the hot thickness between us as it squirmed in pleasure.  "You have me on fire!  I can't take a tease like that anymore; you've got to suck my cock!"


I would have done anything for her (hir?)then, but I knew there was no way that mead would fit in my mouth.  "Um, how?  You're gigantic!"  I stroked her to emphasize the point.


She dragged me into my kitchen and set about looking.  "What do you need?"  "A sharp knife!"  "What?!? What do you want to do with that?"  She paused, looked at me and realized that she'd frightened me half to death.  "Oh, I got a little carried away.  Let me explain.  "-Anthros- are very flexible.  Amazingly so.  This is due to the fact that we hare highly elastic.  If I can share some of my blood with yours, you will become more elastic too.  I don't know why sharing blood works, but I know it does."


I wasn't terribly happy about this, but I was also completely outpowered, and still in a bit of a state of shock.  "They're over by the oven."  She rushed over there and grabbed the fillet knife. "Ready?" "No, not really..." "Well too bad.  You'll have to trust me."  "I just met you!" "And have I led you wrong yet?" "Well, no-eowch!"  She didn't wait to finish the conversation, and sliced open my palm.  Then she did so to herself.  Then she thrust our palms together and watched the blood mingle. "I sure hope there aren't any cross-species germs to infect." "Shhh... pay attention."  Shortly, I noticed that my palm didn't hurt anymore.  In fact, it was entirely healed.  "Not bad, huh?  You will also heal right away."


I didn't respond, I was busy looking at my hand. "Well, enough of that, let's get back to business!" Brigit took me under one arm like some toy, and set me back on the couch. Suddenly, that shyness from when I first met her came back.  "You aren't mad at me are you?" 


"Huh?  No, not at all.  It is just a lot to take in.  Maybe we should start from the beginning again, and get warmed up."  I stood up and kissed her (on my tiptoes) and reached around and grabbed her lovely ass with both hands.  She responded ferociously, and practically tore my pajamas off!  I moved down her body, nuzzling her breasts, licking her nipples, and kissing her stomach until I was eye to eye with 'the beast'.  She firmly took my head and guided her cock into my awaiting mouth.


I expected pain of some sort, or a feeling of being forced, but none of that happened.  Pretty soon I had those monstrous 18+ inches all the way down my throat!  Brigit started to growl (bunnies can growl?) and moan as she face-fucked me.  Repeatedly, she took it all the way out and made my lick its length.  My hands had a death grip on her furry butt for support, and each time I'd squeeze, she'd squeak just a little bit.


"Oh yes!  I can't take it anymore!  Take my seed, Hart!  Swallow it all, my Stag!"  With that, she thrust deeply one last time and came load after load into my throat.  She thrust so deep I couldn't even taste it!


"That was a great warm-up."  Wait, what?  "Warm-up!?!" I haven't even cum yet and I feel spent.  "Of course!  What else would it be?  Wait, you don't mean to tell me that humans aren't multiorgasmic?"


"Only the very lucky ones.  Heck, I haven't been able to do it twice in one day for years."


Suddenly, Brigit had the oddest look of sympathy in her eyes.  "Oh you poor dear! Why that's just awful!  Don't fret; a good fuck is just the thing!" She seemed so much different than the demure being I met just earlier today.  I guess the shy ones are wild in bed no matter what species you are.


With that, she dragged me to my feet and rushed into my bedroom.  "Ok, now lie down face first on your bed.  This will only hurt for a second, and then you'll love it!"  I guess I'm still stupid. "Wait, you fuck me?  I've never even sucked a dick before yours, and now you want to invade my ass?"  She giggled "That's the plan!  Trust me, you'll love it!"  "But it's huge!"  Brigit sighed as if of long suffering. "Didn't we just go over this?  You'll stretch, and you'll like it!"  "That sounds more like an order." I said somewhat sullenly.  "Then make it so!"


With that, she tossed me onto the bed and bounded after me.  Let me tell you, a seven foot tall anthropomorphic rabbit with a raging hard-on diving toward you is just a little unnerving!  I scrambled to get out of the way (not too hard, as I have a thing for King Size beds), but she was on top of me before I even had traction. "Ahhg! Jesus Christ!" "No, but if you pray to me, I'll make sure your dreams come true!" Then she whispered in my ear, "Trust me, just relax and let me handle it..."


It was hard to push down my panic as I felt her throbbing cock push against my rectum. "nonono..." "Shhhh, just relax..." "Arg! er, unf, ooh!" "See?  It's through now.  Now here comes the rest." I felt like I had eaten a huge meal as I felt it press inside me!  I could practically taste it, it was so far in! I felt like I was going to pop, when she said, "There, all the way in.  You did quite well.  I'll take it slow at first, but I'm not patient!"  She started pumping in and out, and I noticed that it really was starting to feel good!


"You look ready, let's really get going!"  With that, she flipped me on my back.  "There, now I can see all those cute expressions you make!"  I have to tell you I felt pretty embarrassed and powerless right about then.  Hell, I was completely at her mercy, and she's talking about cute faces!  She started pumping faster and I lost all focus, fading into a delirium focused on the heat in my ass.  Next thing I know, there's a softness against my face, she's picked me up against her chest!  "Play with my teats, bite them!"  I take a nipple in my mouth and tug hard on the ring and I'm rewarded with a pleased squeal.  "Ooh! Do that again!  That's perfect!"  She's bouncing me so aggressively on her cock that it's hard to keep my mouth on her breasts, so I settle for tweaking her nipples.  God, I've never felt like this, its crazy!  "Please, fuck me harder...  I need your cock please!"  It escapes my lips before I'm aware I've said it, but I instantly know it's exactly what I want.


"That's just what I wanted to hear! Get on all fours on the bed."  I slide off her cock, and stumble back to the bed.  I get up on all fours, with my ass facing her, like its only purpose is to get fucked.  "Ooh, that's so hot!  I could cum just looking at that sweet ass!"  She leans into me and slams into my all the way to the hilt!  I incoherently moan something about harder, but it fades out as she grabs me by the shoulders.  "Now this is my specialty just for you!"  It's moving inside me!  I can feel it probing as she slams my ass, pistoning that prehensile cock into my raw ass!  "Oh yeah, you're so tight! I can't wait to blow my load in you!"  With that, she leaned forward and pressed her breasts against my back and started moaning so loud I was afraid the neighbors would wake up!


Just then, I noticed my own cock was twitching like crazy!  Neither one of us had so much as touched it, but I felt like I was about to cum right there!  "Ooh, I'm gonna cum..."  "Wait for me, my Stag, I'm almost, ugh, yeah, there, unf, OOH! I'm cumming!" I could feel the massive amounts of white-hot semen flooding into me, and it pushed me over the edge.  "Brigit!!  Aahhh!"


For a while, we just laid there panting, with her collapsed on top of me (and still in me).  "See, (pant) I told you to trust (gasp) me Hart."  I didn't say anything, I couldn't really.  "Oops!  Sorry, let me roll over."  She rolled us both over on our sides, taking care not to slip out.  "That better?"  "Yes, thanks.  You were right, that was awesome...  I have to admit that I fill a little awkward now, I'd never even considered doing what we just did."  "Well, how could you have?  After all, there isn't a human that could do what I did to you."  "Too right.  Kiss me, I still feel terribly vulnerable in this position." 


She leaned forward and kissed me deeply and comfortingly, just what I needed.  "Mmmm, tasty.  I could get used to living among humans."  "And I think I could get used to living with you."  "Oh really?"  I felt her cock twitch in me. "You know, I don't have to move out..."  "My thoughts exactly."  At that, her cock really came to life again! "Ooh goody!  Lets celebrate!"


Let's just say I understand firsthand what it means to fuck like bunnies.