Pokemon herm world part one  ASH’ES EDUCATION


I dont own pokemon this is just fan fiction so please don’t sue me I don’t have any money anyway.


This lemon contains incest and herms so if anyone doesn’t like those things leave now.



It was a sunny day in pallet town and ash was waiting the day he could get his first pokemon from professor oak. He was as edgy as ever and Miss ketchem seeing this saw that it was time to take off some of the pressure and get an important talk out of the way at the same time.


“Ash come into my room” she told him after dinner.


Not knowing weather or not he was in trouble worried him. When he opened the door his mom was sitting on the bed and she mentioned him to cum (no pun intended) sit down next to her. “Am I in trouble” he said after sitting down.


No baby no she said as she gave him a hug. I just want to talk to you about a few things. This is that talk about the birds and the bees. At this ash immediately turned red he knew next to nothing about sex and wasn’t sure what to expect. She then went on to explain the whole making babes routing answering some questions and keeping it real simple.


Ash was ready to leave after this, now being as hard as a rock from talking about sex and he badly needed to jack off, the one thing about sex he knew well. His mom let him go back to his room and new he was jerking off she waited outside his door until he was almost finished and then walked in ash let out a small scream and threw his bed sheets over him.” Mom whaa….”


He trailed off as she put a finger to his lips and sat down next to him on the bed. Ash there are a few tings you still don’t know about women and sex. It is perfectly fine to jack off when your horrny and their is nothing to be embarrassed about. Ash calmed down a little after hearing this. Now there are a few things we need to go over if you want to do this right she said as she pulled the bed spread off her son and revealed his naked bottom half. Ash was as red as charmander at this point here he was naked from the waist down with a full hard on and his mom was sitting right next to him. He tried to cover himself but she wouldn’t let him. Now ash I want you to stop acting so embarrassed and hold still I am your mother after all and I know what is best for you she said in a harsh tone, which made ash sit still. Well you are certainly big for your age 7 inches and I bet it could get harder too.


Now ash there is something you must know about women and girls. Ash was still very embarrassed but he was claiming down and listing to her. Well first off you know that boys have dicks and girls have pussys and breasts but that is not all there is to it. Then Miss ketchem got off the bed and faced her son and removed the top part of her robe letting her tits fall free. At the site of the two cantaloupe sized tits in front of him ashes dick grew another inch and his breathing almost stooped.


Oh do you like what you see that’s good because IM going to teach you how to do things right. She sat back down and told him to start sucking on her nipples. Being to horrny to object he started sucking on the left nipple. Oh yes baby suck it like you did as a baby make mommy feel good. Then she moved his mouth to the other nipple and told him to bite down lightly on it. He did and it almost made her come right their.


She stooped him and got down off the bed and onto her nees and grabbed his dick, which made him jump a little, and then started to slowly jack him off. Thin all of a sudden put his dick head in her mouth and stared sucking ash rolled his head back and was in pure bliss. Mom that feels great he said as she increased her pace and took him deeper enjoying her son’s taste.


Mom IM almost there IM gonna cum. With that she took his dick out of her moth and stooped sucking. Letting ash cool down she wanted him to come later. Awwww mom why did you stop.


Because we are not finnished yet. Remember when I told you that there was more to women than what I told you. Ash nodded. Well this Is it, as she removed the rest of her robe ashes eyes doubled In size as he saw his moms pussy and even more amasing was the nine inch dick that was right above it. As she slowly stroked her thick man meat she told ash that all women have dicks. ether with or without a pussy. That is why I want to teach you about sex and women now before you leave on your journey. Now you need to learn how to suck cock if you want to get a girl later you will need to know how to do it she said as she steeped up to him her cock inches away from his face.


Nervously ash stuck his tongue out and licked the head of his mother’s dick. Thinking the taste was ok he got a little bolder and put the head in his mouth and started sucking. Yes baby that’s the way suck it and rub it with your tongue. Ash did as he was told and took a few more inches in and it was nearing the back of his mouth. Ohhh I should have shone you sooner ash please finger my pussy too and take it down your throught. Ash did as he was told and swallowed some of her thick cock he gagged a little but he got it down. Ohhhh yeaaaa baby that’s enough mommies going to come soon and I want it to go some where else.


She took her dick out of his mouth and gave him a long French kiss. After a minute she broke the kiss and said it is time to take things up a step. She then turned ash around and got him on all fours and made him spread his ass checks. Then she started to lick and probe his ass hole with her tongue and ate him out. Ash loved this new feeling and pushed back on his mothers face to get he tongue in deeper. When she thought he was lubed up enough she grabbed a tube of KY from her robe and gave it to ash and had him cover her dick in it. She had to stop him from jacking her off to muck or she would come right their. Then she placed her cock head at the entrance to his ass.


Now brace yourself honey this is going to hurt at first but it will feel very good once I get going, you need to learn how to take a girls cock or you wont be able to have a fulfilling sex life. With that she started to push the head in. she was pushing but it was too tight. Ash you need to loosen up or I can’t get in flex like you’re about to take a shit. Ash tried this and it was enough for dahlia to push the head in with an almost audible pop. Ash flinched and his ass tightened around his herm mother’s thick cock.


Ok the head is in I will wait a sec for you to get comfortable with me so in the meantime, she reached around and grabbed her sons dick and started to jack him off. Ash loved this new feeling in his ass and his mom jerking him at the same time this loosened his asses grip on his moms cock and she slid in another three inches. OHHHHH ASH YOUR ASS IS SOO TIGHHT. With that she shoved the rest of her nine-inch cock up her son’s ass and rested her pussy on his ass cheeks.


Ash screamed at the sudden intrusion of his anal tunnel but the pain soon subsided and he was feeling the pure pleasure of his mother’s cock up his ass and her jerking him off. MOM THAT FEELS GREEEAT…..  Ash moaned in pleasure.


As his moms thumbs ran across the head of his dick her hands covered in Ky. Then she started to pump in and out of her son still jerking him off. OHHHHH YEAHH BABY MOMYS GONA CUMM SOON.  Ash was in pure paradise everything was a blur to him he was so close to cuming.


OH MOM FUCK ME HARDER. A few more thrusts and dahlia was cumming.


AGHHHH MOMMYS CUMMING IN YOUR ASS. As her herm sperm coated the inside of her sons anal walls, load after load after load, she had never come so hard before. She came so much that it started to come out his ass around her dick. Her hands were jerking ash off so fast that they looked like a blur. Ash couldn’t take the pleasure any more he came all over his mom’s hands as she filled his ass. They both collapsed on the bed with his mothers cock still in him. She brought her sperm covered hands up to her and her son’s faces and they both licked them clean. Then they fell asleep with her breasts crushed up against his back with her now soft dick still inside him knowing from that day on they were going to be doing this a lot more often until he left on his journey.  


To be continued…….


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