OK first off, I have no idea why I'm writing this, I just kind of...chose to. It's like my attempt at giving tribute to my favorite futanari artist, Dreamweaver. My name is James, not that it holds much relevance. I*m known on the forums as Hentailover666, I*ve said some smart things, some stupid things, and some just kind of there things, and well, here we go. 


Unexpected Desires 

Chapter One 

So it Begins... 


My name is Mark. I*m 21 and I*m working on my 4th and final year of my bachelors degree in Genetics. I know I know, I*m only 21, most people finishing a 4 year degree are 22, well, I got skipped ahead a year of school back in elementary or something, my parents were really good negotiators. But I suppose that comes with their jobs, both busy lawyers for a minor firm back in my hometown, Lakewood, California. I*m your average bookworm type guy...at least, when it comes to the schoolwork/social life side of things. I*m not the nerdy type tough, I go and work out at the local gym twice a week, and lift some weights and whatnot each night back at my dorm. I weigh about 178 pounds, medium-large build, not all that muscular but, I*ve only been working on muscle building part time for the past year or so, and so I don*t really expect much result yet. I have brown hair, black eyes, and I*ve been growing out my bear for the past 2 years, trimming it along the way. It*s brown as well obviously. I*m maybe 5'8"-6'0" I*m not fully sure...my height likes to change every couple days by a few inches, so I*ve just given up measuring. I don*t really do much on the ways of a social life, I mean, I*ll go to the open parties held around here, ya know, the lame ones that don*t require invitations? Yup. Most of the time, at least since I turned 21, I*ve just sat at home, studying, or surfing the *net while enjoying a glass of scotch, or brandy. Thanks to my parents success at their firm, My tuition and room and board are payed for easy, and they send me $2,500 a month for other expenses, making it fairly easy to make a collection of fine liquors and spirits.  

Lately, I*ve waned from just studying online, and have fallen into the vortex of pornography. Not too much, I visit maybe 1 pay site a month, letting my membership burn out, then going on to check out another one. I*ve at given nearly everything a shot at least once. Amazingly, I don*t really get drawn towards the lesbian porn/hentai as much as other guys my age/sexuality. I just see it all as "pretty good" but ya know...not the best. About a month ago, I was thinking of just dropping my porn search all-together, from all the crap id seen on the internet, I was starting to think the only thing that could catch my interest in any way was real sex, which I*ve not gotten the liberty of enjoying since my senior year. This view, however, changed when a friend I had an email correspondence with referred me to a certain site. It wasn*t your ordinary site, no way, this place was one of those "alternative" or "fetish" sites as some call it, but hey, I*ve even subscribed to a gay site before, (didn*t like it, but I still did) so what the hell, right? The stuff here was called "futanari" which I have learned means Androgynous Pornography, usually done in a Japanese art style, but, not always. My god. I was hooked, got to the point I even lusted after that type of woman in real life, though I never believe such a type of perfection existed. 

Never thought that is, until I met THEM. 

They were the best of friends it seemed, just transferred over here from MIT, they were working on degrees in the mechanical workings that derive physics, and all that entail such a study. When I learned this, My jaw nearly hit the ground. They were...no, ARE, drop dead gorgeous. They each are maybe the same height as me, give or take an inch. They had legs that wouldn*t quit, Stomachs that you could lay dough out flat on, Breasts that made the nickname "melons" seem like an insult, and their hair, was slightly short, but still very lovely. Brown/orange hair on one, deep red on the other. And the most feminine arms and hands you could imagine, so soft and lucius, almost hard to believe they could rip your balls off without so much as a struggle if they wanted. All this, AND they were studying physics! Perfection. On a level even I couldn*t predict. 

I met them one day, when they started going to class, seems that we shared a generic math class that applied to both sides of science, and I just never noticed them. I haven*t had much luck with the ladies, but that seems to only have been a turn of bad luck. They seemed to actually be interested in ME for some reason. Here, is where my story truly begins. 

1:30 PM, Saturday afternoon, I decided to take some classes on the weekend because I didn*t really have anything else to do, and so, didn*t see any problems with it. I walked into class normally, like I do every day, and took my normal seat (they may not be assigned, but I*ve always liked having one specific seat for me to sit in) And pulled out my books. The professor started his usual lecture on whatever the current topic in our studies would be, and I as always, took notes like crazy. My short term memory sucks.  

"Hey" someone whispered to me. I didn*t really know from where though. "Hey, Mark!" another whisper. This time, someone tapped me on the shoulder, so I turned around, to see them. The goddesses I had in my dreams last night. "Um....hi?" I responded with. The one who tapped my shoulder just smiled and said "We*re still pretty new here, after class could you show us around a little bit more? No ones been willing to for some reason and we have no idea still where some of our classes are" I just blinked, why out of all people, would they chose ME to show them around? I mean, I*m nothing special, sure, I expect to graduate at the top of my class, but that*s hardly how you win a popularity contest. "U-um ok...sure, just lemme listen to the professor for now ok?" I said, she just nodded and went back to listening too. 

After class, as I got my things and headed to the door, they approached me. "You didn*t forget your promise did you?" I shook my head. "Nope, sorry, I guess I was just in a my usual hurry." They both smiled, and introduced themselfs. "Well, we already know YOUR name, asked around, but you don*t know ours!" The brunette stood a little straighter. "My name is Bria!" Then the redhead. "And I*m Erin!" They said, one after the other. "Alright, Hello Bria and Erin, what classrooms are you ladies looking for?" Bria whipped out her class schedule, and pointed to a couple classes they had starting Monday. (They began school on Wednesday, so it kind of makes sense they wouldn*t know) "Oh, well, those aren*t too far from here actually, come on I*ll show you, it*s just in the next building over, in the science hall. Erin replied "Well duh it*s in the science hall! We just can*t figure out where!" We all laughed for just a second, somehow finding the comment funny. 

I showed them to the classrooms, with them whispering about something behind me the entire time. When we got to the last one I said "Ok, that*s the last of them, do you need anything else?" Bria spoke up, with this funny look on her face. "Well, what are you doing tonight around 7? We noticed on your schedule when you were packing up that you don*t have any more classes tonight, and neither do we. We were kind of wondering if you*d like to go out for something to eat?" Inside I was just thinking "Oh my god...are the 2 girls I*ve had my eyes on asking me to date them BOTH at the SAME TIME?" I stood there silent for a second. "Well?" Erin asked impatiently. I snapped out of my temporary shock. "Oh...uh, sure, why not, do you know which dorm is mine?" To this day, I have no idea why I suggested them dropping by my place, but, I suppose it was all for the best in the end. "Yup, we saw that on your schedule as well. Go out and pick some stuff up, since you want us to drop by your place, we want you to cook for us!" Well, lucky me. I*m no gourmet chef. But at least I don*t suck. "We*d like Italian." And with that, they were off, leaving me 5 hours to prepare a meal. 

I got to the local grocery store at about 3:45, since I*d gotten lost for about 20 minutes because I don*t really tend to do grocery shopping, and picked up some Linguine, a few packets of Alfredo sauce, and some small ready-cooked shrimp. On my way back I stopped at a liquor store and got a fine Chardonet, and a bottle of imported peach brandy. I started setting up immediately, even though it wouldn*t take more then an hour to cook, as I needed to clean badly. (I*m your average pizza and Chinese takeout lover.) In my big hurry, I*d forgotten to close out some of the Futanari Stuff I was looking at last night. That would prove to push the evening in a direction I could only fantasize about. 

The pasta was boiling in the pot, just near finishing, and the sauce was just at perfection, as they knocked on the door. I turned the heat on the sauce to a safe level, and went to answer. I was dressed semi-formal, just in a comfortable pair of black pants, and a grey button shirt, with a black T-shirt underneath. When I opened the door, I was in awe, Bria was in the sexiest little black cocktail dress on earth, and Erin was in this gorgeous red number, that would have made the pope*s robe show a bulge. "Well, are you gonna let us in, or just stand there with your tongue on the floor?" Coming to my senses, I let them in, and showed them to the dinner table. I strained the Linguine, put it in the bowl, and covered it in the sauce. After I took the bowl to the table, I told the ladies to help themselfs and excused myself to the bathroom for a moment. 

That*s when, if I had known what was going on, I may have just died from anxiety. Erin, scanning my home, noticed the computer, and saw something on the screen that caught her eye. She went over, and upon seeing what it was, motioned Bria to take a look. When they both got an eye-full of the porn site I*d visited the night before, a sly grin inched across each of their faces. I flushed the toilet, and Bria ran back to the table, but before Erin followed, she closed out the site, so as to keep me from realizing what they*d seen. When I got back to the table, they both had these big smiles on, and seemed to be stroking something underneath the table. I wrote it off as my imagination, and just began filling my own plate, then got up to get the wine.  

"So, what made you ladies change schools anyways?" I asked them, as I opened the bottle and filled all 3 glasses. Bria shrugged, and Erin decided to answer. "Just some minor issues with our old peers, we just needed a fresh start is all really." I sat back down. "I see, well then that explains it I suppose." We had more small talk over dinner. They seemed to constantly hint towards having some sort of big secret they intended to let me in on soon....but they never directly said anything. 

After dinner, we went into my TV room, where I had my stereo and whatnot, and sat down to chat. I got up after turning on some soft music, to get the brandy I*d bought. I thought to myself. "It damned well better be good wine for $180!" I got the bottle, and 3 snifters, and filled them with brandy. I then brought them back to the couch, and sat down in the middle, Erin to my left, Bria to my right. We all took a sip of our brandy, and Bria put her hand on my thigh. I started to get a little nervous, since it*d been so long since I*d had any kind of interaction. But, I*m not one to turn down such an invite. 

Bria slid her hand up and down my thigh, and eventually moved it to my cock, which was already pretty hard. "Nice" She said. "It*s time you find out...exactly why we moved." Said Erin. I blinked confused. "What....What do you mean?" Erin took my hand, and pulled it towards her crotch. "We had to leave, because the wrong people found out about our secret, and tried t run us out." "What secret is that?" I asked her. Just then, she touched my hand to her crotch, and I felt a bulge even bigger then mine. My eyes grew huge. "You mean....Y-You*re..." Erin smirked. "That*s right, Hermaphrodites." My heart began racing, and my cock grew to full size. It was like I was in paradise. "We knew you wouldn*t react negatively, after Erin noticed the porn site you left open on your computer." Bria said, stroking me lightly. "You....saw that?" Boy was my heart pounding. "Yup, so we were pretty sure you*d be welcoming of this." She stood up, as did Erin, and they removed their dresses, revealing that they were wearing absolutely nothing else underneath. I nearly had a heart attack. They both had HUGE cocks! At least 11 inches a piece! 

They then led me to my bedroom, which they only knew of thanks to my computer, and began to strip me, as I stood there half paralyzed from it all. Erin unbuttoned my shirt, and removed it, as Bria began undoing my belt. As Bria Pulled my pants down to reveal my modest 7 * inch bulge "Nice cock Mark." Bria said, Erin took off my T-shirt, I lifted my arms, as I*d come nearly to my senses, to reveal a tattoo I had gotten when I turned 18, of a dream catcher, on my left peck. "Oh, I like the tattoo." Finally, they both removed my boxers together, leaving all 3 of us standing there nude, penis* hanging in the air. 

Bria Helped me down onto my bed, laying me back against the headboard, putting my pillows behind me for comfort. "Just lay back, and follow along." Bria smiled. Erin set to work Sucking my cock off, and Bria immediately wanted similar treatment. She positioned herself above me so I was between her legs, and she put her cockhead right on my lips. I knew exactly what she wanted, and licked the line that made up the opening to her urethra, tasting her pre-cum. Then, I took her cockhead into my mouth. She let out a light gasp, as I began taking more and more of her into my mouth. At the same time Erin was working on me down below, which was much less trouble since I was smaller. As Erin played with my balls and teased my shaft, I began deep-throating Bria, running my tongue along her own shaft, sucking on her to the best of my ability. "Oh god yes mark, don*t stop!" She said, and I didn*t.  

This went on for another 10 minutes of just teasing and sucking, before I got my first taste of cum. "OH GOD! I*M GONNA CUM! IM GONNA CUM! OOOOOHHHH!" Shouted Bria, as she shot her load into my mouth. As soon as she came in my mouth, I did the same for Erin, who, as I was doing with Bria, Drank every drop of cum that entered her mouth. 

When Bria came down from her orgasm, she pulled her cock out of my mouth (I was still sucking on it) and got up. "Ok, now its Erin*s turn to cum." She said. She then left the room for a moment, and came back with a tube of KY Jelly. Erin spread my legs wide, and I knew exactly what was going to happen. Bria lubed up my asshole, as Erin starting doing the same to her hard as diamond cock. When they were both done, Bria said to me "Ok, You*re gonna want to get ready for this, relax every muscle in your ass or it*s gonna hurt like you wouldn*t believe." I made sure to take her advice. Erin placed her cockhead at the entrance to my ass, and asked me if I was ready. I nodded. 

Erin began pushing her cock into my ass, and once she got her head in she stopped for a second. Bria got back above me, and started sliding her pussy down on my cock. For every 3/4 an inch of me she took in, Erin pushed another inch of her own cock into me. The feeling was incredible, and I came again inside Bria before she even took me all the way. "Oh wow, sensitive, I like that." She said, and continued sliding down. I felt Erin*s cock Rub up against my prostate, and became hard again immediately. Bria motioned me to sit up, and as I did she grabbed the back of my head, and lead it back down to her cock. I knew what she wanted, and as she rode me, and Erin pumped my ass, I started sucking her cock again. 

"My GOD your tight ass feels awesome!" Erin said as she pumped my no longer virgin ass as fast as she could. At the same time Bria rode me like I was a horse, which in turn forced me to suck her cock somewhat awkwardly. We continued like this for about half an hour, Erin really seemed to have a huge pleasure threshold, as she still hadn*t cum, but Bria came in my mouth another 3 times, and I in her pussy 5 or 6. And then, all of a sudden Erin began to shout. "I*M GONNA CUM!" And at that moment, she shot her load of cum into my ass, I swear, MY ass has never felt so full, It seems like she continued to fill me with her cum for at least a minute and a half. At the same time, I came into Bria one last time, as she came in my mouth. 

Both Ladies Got up for a moment, but Bria went ant laid down next to me, whereas Erin headed towards the bathroom. "So....are we done for now?" I asked Bria. "Oh my no, Erin has just gotten started, and I*ve got at least 10 more loads for you. I want a piece of your ass too ya know, and Erin wants your mouth more then I do. Heh." 

It was at this moment. I had absolutely no clue what I Had gotten myself into. The next day....they had moved in with me. 

Alright! That*s it for chapter 1, I hope you enjoyed it!