Meet the Anthros - Part 2



Brigit was adapting well to the farm.  That's not terribly surprising, considering how well she related to the livestock.  I was a little afraid that might be an issue, but she had an innate understanding of food animals.  I still shudder at her explanation of the predator-prey relationship among her kind.


In any case, the endurance and strength she displayed inside the house paid off handsomely outside.  Much of the maintenance work I had been putting off I was now able to do, and leave the standard chores to her in the mean time.  It never slowed her down, either.  She could be ready and rarin' to go any time, and if no one was around, she'd show me too. 


After a month of the initial hubbub of the first meeting, most everything had settled down.  Many Anthros had decided to keep moving west, and feel out other towns.  They reminded me of the pioneers of old, except this time the 'Injuns' were us. And hopefully we wouldn't be killing each other off any time soon.  For those that stayed, many were already mated and settled in reasonably comfortable.  That left Brigit and me in the small minority of cross-species couples.  We received a few clucked tongues (from both sides!), but most everyone at least tried not to be bothered by it.


One evening after a delicious (if prickly) romp in the hay, she dropped a bombshell on me. "We should be mated."  "Huh?" My usual brilliant repartee at work.  "You know uhhhh, betrothed!"  "You've been into the Shakespeare again, haven't you?  Common usage is married.  But that's beside the point! We've only known each other a month!"


"Exactly!  We've had sex dozens of times!  People will start looking at us weird if we don't!"  She looked really concerned.


"Well, maybe your people, but mine will look at us just as weird if we do it so soon!  Besides, this whole argument is academic.  I'm not even sure it's legal."


"Why on earth would it not be? That doesn't make any sense!  Who could even try to prevent people from mating?"


"A question I have asked myself before.  However, that doesn't change the fact that we barely know each other!  Heck, I'm not even sure if what you call 'mating' and what I call 'marriage' the same thing!  If they are however, it comes down to an issue of sex.  Specifically, how would you be classified in legal terms?  You look female (Very!), but you have a very important male part.  Some would say the defining male part.  If you really want to go through with this, the first thing we should do is get you tested."


"Like an exam?  They had us take those when we were first taken out of the island.  I think they were some sort of intelligence tests."


Now that was something new to me.  And speaking of which, how on earth could she speak and write English perfectly?  "No, I mean like take a sample of your skin and examine it to see what you're made of."


"Oh!  Ok, I understand now.  But I still don't see why we have to do all this just to mate."  She pouted a bit at me.


"Simply put, you live in the U.S. now so you have to follow the rules our government puts down for these things.  If we lived elsewhere, we would have to follow whatever rules that had too.  Anyway, I have a friend I went to school with at the University of Wyoming.  In fact, she teaches Biology and Zoology there now. I bet she would be able to access the necessary equipment and keep it all quiet."


"Ooh, she!  Did you have sex with her?"  "That's none of your damn business.  Now go put something on for dinner while I make some calls."  No I never did have sex with her, but boy I sure wanted to back in College. "You don't have to be all grouchy with me just because you didn't have sex with her."  I swear she reads minds...


Well, I didn't get Nalani herself on the phone, but her assistant did pencil us in for the next day.  Nice thing about not moving too far away, you can drive to just about anywhere you want.  It only took us about two hours to get there in the morning, and we even had some time to kill to show Brigit around my old Alma Mater.  Yes, of course my degree is in Ag.  That's why I farm.  We both noticed the dearth of non-humans on campus.  I suspect it just has to do with the lack of penetration (heh) of anthros within most communities.


I couldn't help but think of Nalani.  She got all of her mother's Hawaiian native looks, all the way down to that skin tone that looks like you just stepped in from getting a tan.  Unfortunately, she also had her father's last name: Cunningham.  Being in an Ag oriented college; she heard far too many 'smart pig' quips.  We want over to her office around our scheduled time, and were ushered in by a harried-looking TA.


"Hart!  So good to see you!  How long has it been, since the last reunion?"  She paused a moment when her eyes fell on Brigit.  Not that I'm surprised, Brigit is nearly twice the height of Nalani, including ears. And the fact that I completely failed to mention a reason for wanting to see her... crap. "And who might you be?" Ooh, that put a nice trickle of ice right down my spine.


"Hi, I'm Brigit.  It's nice to meet you!" Brigit leaned over to shake Nalani's hand, and gave us both an ample shot of the cleavage displayed by Brigit's sundress.


After all the greetings were over and done with, I got down to brass tacks. "We were wondering if you would be willing to do a tissue sample on Brigit and have the DNA analyzed."


"Well, I might be able to, but I haven't seen any write-ups on Anthro physiology.  I don't know if our methods would even work.  It might help if you told me what I was looking for."


Ahh crap, I'm not getting away easy on this one. "We were curious about her sex chromosomes, specifically if they can combine in ways different than humans, or if they even have dedicated chromosomes for such.  Obviously, this is something we are trying to keep low-key."


"Obviously." she cocked an eyebrow at me. "Ok, but I get to use the results to publish information on Anthro genetics.  Your anonymity guaranteed, of course."


"Fine, fine. When do we need to come back?"  "Actually, I have no classes today.  The testing rooms should be deserted now too.  Follow me." So we followed her over to the graduate labs and into some of the more private rooms cloistered within.


"Let me go find everything I'll need for proper samples.  I'll be back in a minute or so."


"Hart, I'm so excited!  After we've finished this, can we be mated?" "Well, not exactly.  But it does put us on the right track."  She pouted a bit, but was far too bouncy (no, this doesn't need a pun about her or her breasts) to really feel bad.


"I can't wait, let's have sex!" "What, here? Now?  She'll be back any minute!" "Aww come on!  I'll even let you fuck me!" "LET me fuck you?  How very considerate." I smirked at her.  She knew I was up for it, though.  I had been 'up' for it a lot more since she mixed our blood that first night.


Nevertheless, she sat up on one of the tables and started to fondle hear breasts through the thin material of her dress.  I could see the lower half of it rising, as if of its own volition.  Needless to say, I dropped trou and played the role of heat-seeking missile!  Her pussy was already wet and I slid in easily.  Brigit moaned as I entered, and clamped down around my cock.  "Ooh! Please, do me now!"  I pushed in deep and rotated my hips a bit, touching everything I could inside.


Her (thankfully quiet) moaning continued, and she lifted up her dress to stroke her throbbing member.  It was such an impressive site to see from this angle.  The head looked like it was staring right at me, and more than once I have sucked her to orgasm while fucking her in this very position.




We both jumped at the sound and looked at the door.  Sure enough, Nalani had just entered, and dropped her tray of medical equipment.  However, she recovered quickly. "Well, now I understand why you need the sex test."  She started blushing as she bent over to pick up the various needles and specimen cups.  Brigit gently pushed me back, stood up and walked over to Nalani.  She kneeled down and started putting things in order.  That's when I saw her grab the scalpel.


"NO!! We will not do any more mingling until we know what all your blood does!" "Aww, well then fine, you fuck her!" With that, Brigit swept a thoroughly boggled Nalani off her feet and brought her over to our table.  "You two start.  I'll join in a second."


I'd like to say I was nervous, but I had my pants around my ankles in a college lab, and a seven foot tall hermaphroditic rabbit just set my college crush on the table in front of me and said to have at it.  Yah, I was way beyond being nervous.


I leaned in and kissed Nalani gently, so as not to scare her, but she grabbed my by the shoulders and pulled me in for a doozie!  "God I've wanted you since college!" "Me too, er I mean..." "Shut up, Hart." "Can do." We kissed long and deep after that, like releasing years if pent up emotion in one action.  That's not to say nothing else was happening, she nearly tore my shirt clean off in the middle of that kiss!  Nalani pulled back, and wordlessly guided me into her (incredibly tight!) pussy.  I had to go slow; I didn't think I could last with all the excitement.


We both turned our heads when we heard a guttural sound, and saw Brigit masturbating and fingering herself furiously!  "Gonna... Fuckyou... Stag, now!" She leapt behind me and spread my cheeks before I could even respond.  She flooded into me to the hilt, her breasts resting heavily on my shoulders, and her hot breath on my head.  I started to move slowly against her, and then into Nalani, back and forth.  As we continued, we got more frantic, until all you could hear was the double-slap of Nalani-Me-Brigit punctuated by moans and growls.


"Oh god, Hart, put it in deep! I'm gonna...  Ahh!" Nalani sunk her teeth into my shoulder to stifle a scream, and Brigit leaned in hard.  "Me too..." All I remember is a white light, and the thought that any place where I can have sex with my College Crush and a creature that should only have lived in my deepest libidnous dreams must be heaven...


I awoke to Nalani stroking down Brigit's penis. "Hey, uh."  "Don't worry Hart; I was just getting a fresh semen sample.  I couldn't get it out of you, that would be contaminated.  Heh, I had no idea I'd even need a semen sample."  She went back to playing with Brigit's penis, both of them enjoying it far more than clinically necessary.  I went and found a nearby bathroom, cleaned up and put my clothes back on (yes, I walked out naked, have you tried to clean semen out of clothes?). 


By the time I got back, they were all dressed as well, and apparently all needed samples were complete.  "Brigit told me about the sharing you two did that let me see what she did to you without killing you.  I must say, it's quite interesting.  Maybe I can find out how that happens as well." Oh lord, I feel a half-assed Mitichlorian-style pseudo explanation coming on.  Please don't let her start spouting off some crazy theory yet...  Quick, change focus! "Well, that's interesting, but when will you get the other results back?"  "Oh, two weeks at the earliest.  I'm going to have to do a lot of the work myself on off time.  I'm not trusting this important research to some grad student."


I groaned.  "That long?  Well, as long as you are doing it, I know I can trust the results."


"Thanks." She smiled, "I'll give you a call when the results are in. I'm sure you need to be on your way if you want to get home before dark."  We said our goodbyes, exchanged some rather friendly kisses (and watching Nalani and Brigit kiss is something!) and headed out.


Once we were out at the car, I asked Brigit, "How did you know she would be ok joining us like that?"


"Silly, I could smell her!  Couldn't you?  She was ready for you the moment you walked into her office!"


"Actually, humans can't smell those kinds of things."


"Oh.  Well, maybe that's good.  Because you smell ready ALL the time."