*Ring Ring*


"Hello(ooo)?  Oh hi Nalani! (*grunt*)  The re(eee)sults are ready? (*pant*) Brigit?  Yes, she's right here.  That (unh) obvious huh?  Sure, we can come by (ieee! Careful!) this weekend.  Ok, see you there." (Giggles in the background 'sorry...')




Brigit and I had been waiting for news from Nalani for three weeks.  She let us know last week that she was having some trouble, and it would take more time.  That call, even with its timing, was like a load off both of us.  I would say that we had a celebratory fuck, but it would have just been redundant at the moment.


Once we finished up, Brigit was buzzing with nervous energy, "Why didn't she tell us over the phone?"  "She knew we were busy.  Also, I bet it's a complex explanation."  She smiled, "Maybe she just wanted some more of you!"  I blushed, "I'm sure she just feels the results are that important."  Brigit gently needled me a little more about Nalani, and enjoyed watching me blush.


Eventually, we came around to serious talk.  "Do you want to spend the whole weekend down there?"  "Really?  That would be great!  Maybe I can get a better understanding of 'college'."  "That, and I thought you might enjoy seeing a larger town than where we live.  You never have said where else you have been."  "Well, I'm not sure where else I've been.  Most of the time, any place I went before we were allowed to strike out on our own was full of people that occupied all of our time.  Sometimes I recognize a name in the paper, but it doesn't really mean anything to me."


So we finalized our plans and decided to head out Friday afternoon.  That way, I could even take her out on the town Friday evening.  Only thing was, I didn't know where to stay.  Most of the motels around there were pretty fleabag.  At least they were when I went to school there.  So I called Nalani back.




"...Hey Nalani, its Hart.  Fine thanks, yah we're making plans now. Actually, that's why I'm calling.  Do you know if there are any decent hotels there?  We were planning to come in Friday evening instead of waiting.  Your place?  Are you sure?  Well I'd be honored to take you both for an evening on the town!  That settles that then.  Yes, thank you much, and we'll see you around seven then."




Convenient.  Now I can rebudget the hotel money for more fun on Friday for everyone, and I can sleep somewhere I don't have to worry about.


Let's skip to Friday.  The drive was uneventful, and we got there around 7 p.m.  Nalani's directions were spot-on, and we found her house without issue.  It was a nice little place, somehow seemed like a typical professor's house.  We unloaded our bags and knocked on the door.


"Just a second!" *rustling sound* "I'm coming." *click* "Brigit! Hart! Come on in! Sorry I'm in my robe, I was getting ready for tonight."  Nalani look amazing even in her robe.  I could see that Brigit liked it too. "Please, follow me and drop your stuff in the guest room."  We follwed, and dropped our stuff.  Nalani then pushed us into the living room while she went to go get drinks from the fridge. "Beer good for everyone?"  "Yes, thank you." "That would be great!"


Nalani came back in with three bottles of Pabst (now there was a throwback from college!) and gave them our beers. "Now, I was thinking, instead of going out tonight, we could stay in."  With that, she tossed her robe aside, displaying her gorgeous body barely covered in white lingerie! That wasn't the only thing! Not only did the have the whole heels, thigh-highs, garters and bra; but there was a big strap-on jutting from her hips! "So, Brigit, how do you feel about being the receiver?"


"Boy would I! But what about Hart?" Brigit was out of her clothes before she finished talking, and was starting on mine without asking.  "I can take off my own clothes, thank you."  "Yah, but you're slow, and Nalani wants sex!"  "And you don't?" I was quite turned on, but I couldn't help but feel a bit grumpy that not only were we not going to hit some of my old haunts, but I had just been trumped on starting anything.  Oh well, at least it will be fun. "Of course I am silly, but she's our host!  Let's get a move on!"


Nalani came up to Brigit and kissed her deeply. "Yes, lets.  But I'm setting the pace in my house, ok Brigit?"  "oh, ok..."  She looked surprised, but not upset.  "Well than, what do we do?"  "Well, you and Hart hardly look warmed up. Why don't you bend over and give him a blowjob?"  "Ooh, I like the way this is starting!"  Without any hesitation, Brigit dove headfirst into my lap.  I was quickly erect and forgot all my previous grump.  As Brigit occupied herself emulating the old joke about golf balls and garden hose, Nalani took the opportunity to sneak up from behind. I gave her a puzzled look, and she just winked at me and put her finger to her lips.


At that, she grabbed Brigit's hips and plunged her whole ersatz penis into Brigit's pussy!  "Oooooohmm!" She howled around my cock.  Her penis sprang out as if shot from a gun, and started dripping heavily.  "Ohh, you made me cum a little, Nalani.  I like your decisions."  "I'm glad.  You should like this too.  Hart, can you lift Brigit?" "Hmm?  Oh yah, no problem."  My mind was otherwise occupied.  "Good.  Both of you head over to that wall."  We head over, and Nalani playfully slaps our asses as we go by. "Come on, it's not like we have all night-no, wait. We do!"  It amazes me how this woman that barely comes up to my chin could get us to obey without even an explanation.  "Good.  Now Hart, brace yourself against the wall.  Brigit dear, lean against Hart, but facing me."  I spread my legs to give me the best support on the wall and Brigit leaned into me, using the opportunity to tease the tip of my penis with her tail.  Nalani then faced Brigit and leaned forward.  "Now Hart, I want you to take Brigit's legs, lift them, and spread them."  I suddenly put the whole picture together and rushed to comply.  I hoisted Brigit's legs and Nalani provided balance.  Soon, I was teasing her ass with my penis.  "Oh please Hart, put it in!   I feel to spread out like this!"  I gently lowered her onto my hard cock, and she squealed as it slid in.  "Ohh! That feels so good!"


Nalani began licking and teasing Brigit's enormous penis.  "I love the look of this thing.  I won't be able to take it myself.  Ah well.  In the mean time, you can take mine!  Um, Hart, can you lower her a bit?  I can't reach."  "Maybe we should kneel, that would make us the right height."  So I kneeled, still holding Brigit aloft and moaning.  "Perfect! Here it comes!"  "Ohhgawdthey'rerubbingeachotherINME!!! oooOHHH!"  Brigit's moans turned incoherent as she began having one orgasm after another.  To my surprise, her penis merely kept flowing precum during the whole event.  I guess this is the first time I've ever seen her penis NOT being rubbed during orgasm. 


"Ohh, haaah oh jeeze, don't stopyet..."  Brigit began leaning heavily into Nalani, and I bent forward, pinning Nalani under the incoherent Lapine.  "Mmph, Hart, a little help!"  "Brigit's almost done, just give her a second."  A final scream by Brigit drowned out whatever Nalani was saying.  I gently rolled Brigit away and let Nalani up.  "Well fine, if you want to play that way..."  She grinned at me evilly.


"Brigit, I think Hart needs a lesson in manners.  If you mount him, can you lift him off his feet?"   "Oh certainly! I can even to that without my hands." Brigit winked at me. "Hey wait a minute! Don't I get a say in this?"  "Have you yet?  Brigit, please 'take' him and hold his hands behind his back.  I was flabbergasted as Brigit sauntered behind me, bent me over, pinned my hands to my back and rammed her muscular meat straight in!  "Upsy daisy!" I heard a grunt behind me, and her cock flexed inside me!  Next thing I knew, my feet were dangling inches off the floor, and I heard guttural growls emanating from the heartless beast that pinned me here. "Ow! Hey! Dammit! I-OOph!" Nalani grabbed my head mid-protest and forced it down onto her strap-on.  I could taste Brigit on it, and that excited me despite my predicament.  I noticed to my mild amusement that Nalani had to stand on a chair to reach my elevated person.


"Nalani, I NEED to fuck him, please, can I start now?"  She started without waiting for a response, and used her free hand to bodily slide me up and down, hilting me every time.  I could even feel her heavy balls slapping against my thighs.  She REALLY must be excited for those to be so prominent!  Nalani began forcing my head down on her dildo in opposite time to co-conspirator's thrusting.  "Hart, you should always allow your hostess to set the pace.  It's impolite to do otherwise.  Do you understand?"  "Mmm Hmph. Shesh!"  "Good, I'm glad we got that sorted up.  Brigit, do him hard while I watch."  "OK!  Come on Hart, I'm gonna bust out a 'special'!"  Nalani sat down on the chair she was standing on, and started masturbating with her strap-on.  "Ohh! Yah Stag, squeeze on my cock!  I've got a blast just begging to be released!"  Brigit began masturbating with my flailing body, and I was reduced to incoherent moaning...  "ahhgh, er, nh, unf!" 


"Cum for me Hart, I want to see you cum while riding Brigit's delicious cock!" Nalani was also far along, and showing it. "Brigit, make him cum when I do!"  "Uh, oh kaaaay...  Come on my Stag, lets all cum!"  With that, Brigit knelt, forced my head down into the carpet and used the extra leverage to fuck me hard!"


"Oh, Nalani, I can't hold back!  I'm going to flood Hart, NOOOOOOWOWOW!" The feel was like nothing I can describe.  Nothing, not even our previous experience can come close to comparing to the sheer sense of fullness that pushed me over the edge into orgasmic ecstasy.  I was vaguely aware of Nalani wailing and frigging herself voraciously somewhere in front of me...


The next morning, for the first time since I had met Brigit, I walked funny.  Not funny ha-ha, funny I threw a hip out of socket.  I was ok, but apparently there are limits even to my 'improved' human endurance.


We decided to go to Nalani's lab to talk.  "Near as I can tell, Anthro and Human DNA are virtually identical.  The only major difference is on the 'Y' chromosome.  It appears to have a full set of male and female gene sets, along with DNA I have to assume is the deciding factor for the phenotypic differences.  "Phenotypic?" Brigit's lack of formal (human) education slowed this conversation a bit. "It means your appearance."  "Oh, Ok."  My best guess without more time is that both males and females are XY, and sex differentiation happens via a function similar to the Barr Bodies we see in human females.  This would also mean that hermaphrodites very likely are YY, something that can't happen in humans.  Brigit, when two hermaphrodites mate, do they ever breed anything but more hermaphrodites?"


"No, not that I know of."  "Well, that may not settle the question, but it certainly lends credence to my theory."  "Wait, how did you find out about the 'X' chromosome if Brigit only has 'Y's?"  "This campus isn't entirely without anthros.  We courted a few here with a free education specialized to help them adapt to human education standards.  In return, we have enormous access to them.  They only just arrived this semester, so I haven't really had time to do more."


"Well, that's interesting, but what about the healing, and stretch and all that?"  "Well, I would like to get a sample of your blood for comparison before I say anything on that."  I allowed her to collect the sample.  We than chatted for a bit, but I was getting restless.  "Nalani, I want to show Brigit around.  Would you mind if I did that and we met you later to go out?"  "That's fine; I really would like to look at your sample now anyway.  And this time, I promise we actually go out."  She smiled and shooed us out of her lab, the centrifuge already humming away.