These days, this is probably your #1 source for all of your fanfiction needs.

And, for the continuation of my own fanfic, Ranma½: Legacy, you can go here.



Here's the guy that corrupted me into doing hentai in the first place. He's really good and getting better all the time. Ladies (if there are any) and gentlemen, I give you; Zodiac!


Now, I have to admit, what you find here is a bit unusual...extreme, some may say. Plus, they indulge in that one thing that I don’t like...*Sigh* But hey, the artist is a nice guy. Check it out. You may find you like what you see.

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The much talked about Fur Affinity page is here. Enjoy Jeryal. J

Note: you will have to join Fur Affinity and input your birthday in order to see the naughty stuff.