KURT: A 20-year-old caramel-toned Black man. Stands at 6’0, 200lbs., not an athlete, but in decent shape with fade hairstyle, sideburns down to the chin.


KASEY KERRIGAN: A 19-year-old blonde White woman with a pixie-cut. Stands at 5’6, 140lbs., built like a cheerleader at 38D-28-38, but not one for some reason.


VANESSA MARINO: A 20-year-old fiery redheaded White woman. Stands at 5’7, 150lbs., built like a cheerleader (but more as a base for a human pyramid) at 40DD-27-38.


Chapter 1: The Most Important Thing I Ever Learned at School!


My name is Kurt, more or less your average Joe that likes video games, various music and goofing off with friends. Among those friends was Kasey Kerrigan, a petite yet thick White girl that usually hung out with us. Contrary to what you’d see on MTV, she wasn’t a hoodrat, I wasn’t a Yo, but neither of us was preppy, just felt into the middle of it. Anyway, it was a typical warm late-March at another hum-drum day at school with both class and teacher doing whatever subtle thing we could do to stay awake at least until lunch. I was wearing one of my favorite shirts, a dark blue with dragons and Chinese symbols with light blue jeans and black Sketchers while I silently read along with the teacher.


“Ooooughhh.” A female voice groaned from two rows at my right.


“Ms. Kerrigan is something wrong?” The teacher asked, half-concerned, half-prepared for a weak excuse to leave the class.


It was Kasey hunched over with her head pressed against the desk breathing heavily with a flushed look on her face. One hand lay in front of her hair while the other covered her stomach over the pink shirt with sparkles she wore.


“I need to go to the nurse’s office.” Kasey sickly mumbled like the floor had asked her.


“Ah yes, your condition again.” The teacher dryly commented then added, “Very well. Do you need an escort?”


“I’ll help her.” I answered with a casual, but faked annoyance.


“Thank you, Mr. West, you’re excused.” The teacher replied as I stood up with Kasey and walked over to her.


The girl switched hands and put her left hand on my shoulder with the right hand on her stomach as she leaned into my armpit, still gazing at the floor.


“Hope she doesn’t puke on you!” Some jackass joked to get the class into an awakening laughter.


I grunted in sarcasm as Kasey leaned hard enough to me that I felt through her baggy painter’s jeans of her warm crotch, but acted uninterested despite being now more awake from the sensation as we walked out the door. Kasey looked the picture of health, but ever since middle school had some kind of sickness that nobody, but she, her mom and the school knew about that occasionally got her out of class to return completely fine an hour later. Part of me was wondering if she was actually sick enough to throw up on me, but that was hardly anything compared to the view I had sometimes had of her breasts down her shirt as my hand on her back felt that she only had a halter top underneath, plus that warmth from her crotch still burned on my leg and in my mind.


“Thanks, Kurt. I’m really glad you helped me.” Her voice now much clearer and sweet as she looked at me with those dark blue eyes and soft smile.


“Anytime. You know I’ll always be there to help you.” I said in my most chivalrous tone.


The statement apparently had more meaning than I initially realized as she blushed and returned to her floor gazing for 10 seconds then abruptly stopped by a water fountain with the same sick look she had in class.


“Can you help me in the bathroom real quick?” Her look meant that something dramatic was going to happen.


“O…k. Just be ok enough to let any women know I was only helping you.” I answered out of preparing myself for being in a compromising position.


The girl opened the girls’ bathroom, scanned for anyone in there as I scanned the hallways to only hear the muffled and overlapping voices of teachers doing their job. Nobody was inside the bathroom as we quickly went into the handicapped stall. I backed against the small piece of cinderblock between the sink and tan stall wall in case someone walked in and saw the men’s shoes. Kasey stood in front of the toilet like she was nervous to puke in front of me, as I wasn’t too excited about it either.


“Uh, feel free to go ahead.” I directed to the bowl.


“Kurt… you’re my friend right?” Kerrigan asked nervously.


“Listen, I don’t care how bad you puke. If you’re sick, you’re sick. I’m aware girls throw up like guys do just like when they shi-“


“Are you?!” She asked desperately.


“Yes, you’re my friend. The best friend I had since we were in 3rd grade when you moved here.”


“And you’d still be my friend no matter what, right?”


“Yeah, now go ahead!” The hesitation was taking time away from class, but I still was waiting for her to just go ahead and hurl already.


Kasey bit her lip, looked down and in the same breath, practically threw her pants and underwear down in one thrust with the belt buckle clacking simultaneously with my reaction to what I saw.


“The fuck?!?!” I slipped to the floor without losing sight of what I saw.


Kasey Kerrigan, the same girl that I grew up with, played video games with overall just chilled with had an 8in. DICK!!! It was inch shorter than mine and thinner as it pointed at me with a throbbing pink head


“I’ve seen way too much shit on the Internet!”


“Its not what you think!” Her eyes were now streaming tears.


“So all this time you were a guy?!”


“NO! I’m still a girl, see!” Kerrigan was somewhat angry and raised her cleanly shaven balls to show the little pink pussy just below.


I couldn’t exactly go “oh, ok” and just be done with it. After all, I’ve known her for about a decade and didn’t expect her to be concealing a hard-on for all these years though, it made sense when I eventually thought about it. She went to pool parties until she started developing, never had boyfriends for very long due to them being frustrated about her not giving them any ass and didn’t join the cheerleading squad despite having the body and talent for it. But what was I thinking? The girl still had a dick hanging out in front of her in a school bathroom with me, making me question just what the hell she had in mind for me and that thing.


“Don’t you dare tell me you were trying to fuck me!!” My sense of chivalrous was obviously long gone.


“NO!” Kasey replied with a tone of disgust as her dick bouncing in tune to her breathing. “I don’t wanna fuck guys with this.” Placing her hand on the knob like she was petting it.


“Then what?! Because you have some serious explaining to do… woman?” The last word understandably lacked the punch of the last few.


“I was born like this and the doctor told my mom surgery could kill me and hormone treatment would have too many side effects, but I was always treated as girl and I am a girl. I still have periods, I still like fashion, but when I was 12 and grew tits, it got big and hard all the time and I wanted to do girls like a guy even though I always liked them. My mom knew of this and told me that if I couldn’t hide it to just rub it out. She even somehow got the doctors to prescribe placebos to make it look like I needed medicine in case I couldn’t rub it that morning and didn’t want to expose myself. Today, I was in such a rush that I couldn’t and kept calm until I saw how good the girls looked and you looked and…” Kasey dizzily trailed off as even her dick dipped in sadness when she kneeled down on both knees. “I would’ve just gone to the bathroom in the nurse’s office to nut, but when you stood up, I wanted you… I mean you’re my best friend.”


The story made sense in its own weird way with my mind still wrapping around this with only my baser instincts giving me something to say.


“…Are your titties ok?”


A surprised smile formed on her lips to spite the tears with even her dick perking up a notch.


“You wanna see?” I gestured my hand forward like I did with the toilet to comply.


The pink shirt and halter-top hit the hook on the door almost as fast as her pants fell minutes ago to reveal the mounds for all their glory. Clearly the breasts were all natural, gently resting on her ribs with pink nipples as hard and pointing as her member. Ignoring the dick enough to stand up and walk over to cup the mounds, I took the right one into my mouth while playing with the left with my hand as her breath sped up drastically. My own jeans were getting tight, stabbing her creamy thigh and barely noticing my own heavy breathing. After 5 minutes that felt like 5 seconds, Kasey reluctantly lifted my chin until my mouth lost suction with a distinct pop to look her in the eyes. Both my arms were already holding her unlike her right arm around my neck for a half-hug while the left half kept a distance due to her painfully stuff piece. The girl was still my friend, still a girl (mostly) and still horny. We kissed like it was for a big movie even though we were really just standing in a high school girls’ bathroom with me having a hard-on and she also having a hard-on while fully naked.


“Dammit I need a condom.” I muttered as I futilely patted my pockets like I could just will on into existence.


“Today’s my safe day, just put it in.” Kasey quickly retorted and braced in front of the sink.


“You sure? Things are fucked up enough as it is without you getting pregnant.”


“I’m sure just put it in already!” Kasey barked completely unlike crying girl I saw earlier and added, “Now-fuck-me.”


Naturally, my pants hit the floor and I was inside her in no time as neither of us seemed to care that she was a virgin, but either she had some interesting ways to “prepare” herself or she was indeed horny enough not to care. Kasey was like a living, moaning glove around my dick, as it became a contest of who could thrust harder to the extent I almost rammed her into the mirror to which she reflexively tried to knock me on my ass with a thrust. Aside from holding her hips, my hands drifted to her titties to bounce, squeeze, twist and pull them. One of her hands joined in until it slid over to cover my right and used our humping to let it inch down to her tummy when she looked back at me.


“Please… uh… oh… jerk me off. Please, baby. Ah! Jerk my cock so I can nut like you!” Kasey begged.


Oh, what the hell. I was horny enough to do anything as it is, well, except being the catcher if you catch my drift and went for it. To be honest, it was like jerking a smaller, numb version of my own and figured to make the jerking follow the fucking, which was a good idea considering the squeals and screams coming from her.


“Oh! Oh! Oh! Ahh! Mmmm! Oooh!”


“Yeah, you wanted this big, Black dick in you, huh?! Tell me you wanted it in you!!” Escaped my mouth with my own voice snapping me back to remembering we’re in a women’s bathroom.


“Ah, HELL Yes! I wanted this dick in me for so long! Pound my pussy! Pound my pussy! Pound my pussy until I cum all over the place!!!” Kasey was still too into it to have the same revelation as we were getting far too into it for anyone coming in to think otherwise as I lifted her right leg high enough that she was almost hopping on her left foot with her dick almost colliding with the sink with each thrust.


Ironically, I didn’t look in the mirror until now get a full look at what we were doing. My shirt was bunched up to my stomach as I was pounding my childhood friend’s pussy, which also happened to have a dick in a school bathroom that I have no business being in. The strangeness of it all and how good it felt lead to one thing everyone expects… cum.


The last bit of my common sense went into making sure she at least came somewhere that wouldn’t make too much of a mess with the sink being closest and delivered the final thrust hard enough to press the side of her face into the mirror as her dick blew as much cum into the sink as I had into her! Unfortunately for Kasey I collapsed onto her as she was still squished into the mirror until gravity slid me off to barely catch myself from falling. Only the heavy panting was heard as I gingerly cleaned my dick off with some toilet paper while she cleaned her parts and applied enough perfume from a pocket in her jeans to mask the smell of sex. My senses were back as both of us didn’t make eye contact in anticipation of me pretending it never happened, but I didn’t have any bad feelings towards her or what just happened. Yes, the girl has the same things in her pants that I do, but she’s still my friend and looked to me of all people to confide in. Kasey didn’t have the air of sickness like earlier, but she wasn’t Ms. Sunshine either with her back turned to me, ready to sadly say goodbye. However, I put my hand on her shoulder to turn her around to look into those blue pools that made up her eyes as I held her arms.


“No matter what happens, you’re still my friend and I’ll always be there for you.”    


Kasey sighed in my arms and we kissed again being surer of the situation and ourselves now. Like originally planned, I escorted her to the nurse where she took a placebo and a nap (which I wish I could’ve done, too) and returned to class (almost the middle of the following period we were previously in) after I did. The “treatments” never occurred in the bathroom again, only at each other’s houses at night and continued after I graduated since I was a year ahead of her. The following summer became more interesting not only for the more time to fuck, but to be adventurous when we encountered another friend, Vanessa Marino in the next chapter.